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June 25, 2012

Touché Hombre

 Last week I got an insatiable craving for Tacos.

Being the lazy sod that I am, we ended up going out to dinner for tacos rather than me just whipping them up. What can I say, living in the city has its perks.

My thighs don’t agree with me, but my stomach definitely does.

We headed down to Touché Hombre at about 7PM and were told that there was no seating room, unless we sat at the bar.


This was fine by us so we sat at the bar and I discovered my stool was broken so The Husband gallantly swapped mine for his and put up with the wobbly uneven short stool. Sucker.



I was relieved to see real cutlery this time as the last time I ate here the cutlery was all wooden and disposable.

Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl, my mouth dry out and my teeth get extra sensitive. It’s like when they put the paddlepop stick in your mouth at the doctors. Ergh.
I need to change the subject, this is grossing me out.

The atmosphere is pretty cool and the room sits about 80 people and is always jam packed whenever I walk past.

The music is very loud, but when sitting next to each other at the bar we didn’t need to shout much.

If you are one of those people who likes to complain about loud music, I can already tell that Touché Hombre is not the place for you.  

Tortilla chips, guacamole, Egmont cheese, sour cream and spicy salsa

This is seriously good. Forget about the cutlery and use your fingers I say! 

The Husband had:

De Carnitas
Spiced pork, apple, sage, chicharrones and habanero cream

Del Coronel
Chargrilled chicken, chimichurri & toasted pepitas

De Pescado
Battered day-boat fish, pickled cucumbers, capers and shallots

Whilst I had:

2 x De Carne
Beef meatballs, Egmont cheese, jalapenos and tortilla crumble

I don’t think three tacos and some nachos were enough for The Husband, considering I had two tacos and nachos and was still ravenous. Next time we will order more, and get dessert as well. 

The Husband had some form of beer that was on tap, due to the waitresses all having thick accents and the music being so loud that he had no idea what she said she had, so he just accepted it. 

I feel the same way about these straws as I do the wooden cutlery but I sucked it up.
No pun intended, haha.

Don’t be fooled by my cup, there’s only water in there.
They serve the cocktails in jam jars. 

The Husband came to the conclusion that he prefers my tacos more, but that it is still a good place.

Listen, I cant deny that I am in love with these business cards.
They are shaped like TACOS. Tacos people, tacos!!!

We stopped off at Jerkey House for something to hit my sweet spot and I wasn’t disappointed.

Lollie galore! Hurrah.

I prefer the gummy type of lollies, they don’t hurt my teeth.

How do you fancy my new lips?
Some might say that they look delectable. I know I would.

Overexposed photos hide redness and problem skin. My best friend. 

I was wearing OPI Black Onyx, but I swear it looked better in real life.
Take my word for it. 

My easy going taco devouring outfit consisted of:

Zara Jeans
DKNY Trench Coat
Random Scarf
Nude Boots

I couldn’t find my belt thing so put a belt on to give it some form of shape but the belt came out of the loops whilst it was hanging up at Touché Hombre and it was nearly never seen again.

 So, what is the deal with the taco craze sweeping around Melbourne? Has it hit other states also?

Have you been to Touché Hombre, and if so – did you like it? 


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