November 15, 2012

Just add a bow.

Just add a bow.

This is my mantra.

A bow will make everything better, not to mention cuter.

The Husband still doesn't understand why I like to wrap a ribbon under my bust, he doesn't know what it feels like to mourn the loss of a waist, ha. 

Apparently people are concerned for my diet because I post lots of photos of cake, dumplings and me eating out not to mention my well documented hatred for salads.

Don’t worry though, I eat at least 5 fruits per day and disguise vegetables in my meals. I just didn't think people want to see photos of fruit and veggies – cake is much cuter. 

This is what a standard 2:30 snack looks like for me. 

This is not a standard snack.

We ate these on Melbourne Cup Day and whilst The Husband calls them Cocktail Frankfurts, I call them Little Boys.  I think my mum does too.
The Husband thinks this is weird, and wrong. 

We also ate dip.
I tried to fancy up our living room picnic by putting them in Royal Doulton serving bowls as opposed to eating them out of the package but got lazy when it came to the crackers.

At least I tried. 

Stopped at the flower stall on Swanston Street on Monday and picked up some Peonies and Tulips (both $20 a bunch) to brighten up the apartment.

The Peonies exploded and are in full bloom but the tulips are going great guns and have not even started to droop yet.

I have them in individual bud vases (and coke bottles) in about 5cm of water and put a pin prick about 3cm from the top of stem.  This seems to have worked well so far for me. 

I love recycling glass drink bottles to be used for bud vases, but The Husband hates it. He often sees me slyly slip a glass bottle in to my handbag after he has finished drinking from it. 

Isn't our ironing board cover ugly? It is an improvement from the floral one he had when I first met him at least.  I have found some very cute chevron ones on etsy which will be purchased and put to use in our new home.

I hoard everything for the new home.  Cannot wait to leave all our furniture behind and start fresh. 

I also want to try this out by our outside dining area. 

I’ve been trying to find cute baby shower invites, but don’t want anything too baby-ish and am going for a floral feel so have been looking at PDF Bridal Shower ones instead so they can be changed.

The bottom left is my favourite so far.  

I am going for a pretty casual affair but lots of flowers for decor. 

We are going to have it at the new house so it may be a bit of a squish to fit everyone inside if it is raining but time will tell.

I could not resist these socks, booties and bibs that are on sale at Oz Sale at the moment.

I only have one pair of booties so far so these were needed.

Not like the 29 onesies I seem to have accumulated for 3-9 month old. I know, weird huh.
BUT half are from America and they are huge, basically the same size as my 12 month+ stuff. 

Raina has these Mary Jane socks and I just adore them!

Also could not resist the dog socks.

The Husband chose to ignore me when I showed them to him, but if he wont let me get a puppy then puppy socks are the next best thing, surely?! 

Thanks to those that have used my OzSale invite link (found here) in the past fortnight as I had a few vouchers so got this so order ridiculously cheap it was practically free. 

I have been looking for this Kookai dress for over a month now, and this Kookai cardigan went missing over 6 months back.

Do you think I could find either of them anywhere? No.
Of course, today I am grabbing a dress from my “worn once but still clean pile” and taa daa there they both were.

I think that The Husband has been harbouring them.

I hardly look pregnant in this front on photo. See, black is slimming.

I've paired the all black ensemble with a necklace from G.E.D for a pop of brightness and to take away attention from my under eye bags from the 3 hours sleep I get these days - preparing me for my future I suppose.

It’s nearly the weekend.

I’ll drink to that. Well, perhaps I wont. Water and apple juice it is. 


  1. Impressive baby gear haul!

    I'm so over going to the shops to get baby things. The rest of my list is going to be ordered online...

    SSG xxx

  2. You're so cute!

    Love those mary-jane socks! I want to buy some for any future baby girls. So adorable.

  3. We call those little sausages "Cheerios". Is that weird? I'm also a fan of the small bottle for a single flower. Tres chic!

  4. Is there anything more annoying than food police? It sucks that you have to justify what you eat to strangers, I don't think I could do it. Even if your diet did consist only of dumplings, cake & hot dogs, this really isn't anyone else's business but yours.

  5. Have to say I'm on your husband's side here - they are called cocktail frankfurts! Haha!

  6. Putting your dips into bowls lol

  7. I agree - they're little boys.
    My grandma calls them that so it's just trickled down. Similarly my husband makes me out to be a paedophile for calling them that.

  8. Have been looking at very similar invites for my bridal shower! Interested to see what you choose!! Ps that fruit has made me crave a fruit salad!

  9. Have been looking at very similar invites for my bridal shower! Interested to see what you choose!! Ps that fruit has made me crave a fruit salad!

  10. Wonder how women in China get by then huh? They must eat dumplings/rice/etc a good portion of the time... I sure haven't seen a whole load of fresh/uncooked fruit/veg in the Chinese diet when I've been there... If people saw the way I'd been eating lately I'd probably get a huge lecture. But I'm not pregnant, I guess people feel you are a fair target then! Mean!

  11. I bought the same little mary jane socks for my neice they are so adorable. They used to have heaps on saks! I love the puppy socks too wouldn't have been able to resist either!

  12. BABE

    The bow under your bust... in a mosh pit ... haaaahahahahahahaaaa

    most of the sale stuff is girls, which saves me a lot of heartache

    I'm counting down the days until I CAN EAT ALL THE KABANA!!!

    hmmmmmmm I had something else to say can't remember what it was....... OH! I LOVE PEONIES!!

    that is all


  13. Peonies are so expensive! Newcastle is a bit rubbish for finding them, I did see them at Woolworths for $25 a pop.

    It must be so exciting to save and hoard nice things for your new house! I think 2013 will be a good year for you. xx

  14. Your husband is right they are called cocktail frankfurts haha. Little boys lol, I agree with your husband, I find that a bit wrong.

    I got lots of socks and booties for my son, but I preferred him in footed onsies so they went to waste. Oh - you can never have too many bibs!! I go through about 6-8 a day now and have since he was about 6 months (teething = drool). I highly recommend the ones from Pumpkin Patch, they have two sizings you can choose from on the bib.

  15. U have been on the fruit salads like a mad woman. U def are eating way more fresh stuff.

    Meanwhile little boys! Hahaha sounds so wrong!!! We say cocktail franks!

    Lots of cute stuff for baby ;)

  16. Peonies are amazing!!!! There is a florist on Bourke street that has amazing bunches. Thats where I buy mine from!
    You do pregnant so well !!!! How cute is that bowwwwwwwwww
    Bottom left gets my vote too and its got me spinning with floral ideas ;)


  17. Hi Mez, I really love those jars with the candles, did you see them on etsy? Thanks!

  18. We call them Cheerios as well! Love online shopping to baby things- it doesn't stop once you have a baby either! So much easier to get stud delivered!

  19. Love the G.E.D necklace! She has so many amazing things!!

  20. I've tied ribbons everywhere - waist, hip, neck (long ribbon so it was like a necklace), hair.

    Loveeee the dog socks. I am all for dressing up babies as animals too! I think there is nothing cuter hahahaha. My husband is not so keen.

  21. Ps. Wow, people commenting and judging you on your food? People need to realise that it's actually none of their business. Even if they are pregnant themselves, a doctor, a nutritionist, breathing etc. I can already tell I am going to be one cross lady when I'm pregnant! And this is one big reason why I'd never make my Instagram or as my friend calls it 'what I eat everyday gram' public. Too much scrutiny. It's all for fun people, get off your keyboards and breathe some fresh air!



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