November 12, 2012

Giant Raspberry Over Here!!!

First things first, wow – I was not expecting such a massive response to the previous Secret Squirrel Post.

I have received a dozen comments saying that their original comments did not get approved but I can assure you that they were all approved yet blogger appears to have had a slight melt down and if you don’t press ‘load more’ a billion times then you don’t get to see them all. 

I tried to reply to them all but my replies are not coming up, something has gone wrong in the info tech land I think.

Anyway, Friday night I headed to Myer to try and find an outfit for Stakes Day on Saturday as I felt like a bit of a blob in all my current outfits.  It was basically a fruitless effort.

I bought a raspberry pink dress from Anthea Crawford and as I swiped my credit card I regretted it instantly, after all – why would I buy a $300 dress when I have one the exact same colour at home and I don't even love it.

I still bought it as was slightly too embarrassed to cancel the transaction and returned it on Sunday. 
The lady did everything but sniff the arm pits as she must have thought I was shady but come on, it was still in the tissue paper.

She grilled me over why I didn’t want it too. All I could say was “I felt like a giant raspberry”. 

I ended up wearing this Kookai dress, worn back to front so that I did not have cleavage on display, paired with my white (well, was once white) Zara jacket and a headband that I wore to Stakes Day last year (as seen in this post) with an Alannah Hill brooch stuck on it to match the pink slightly. 

I was up at 7am to get ready as being part of the Social Club Committee meant that I had duties to perform other than turning up and binge eating. 

I curled my hair and marvelled at the fake tan job provided by The Husband the night before, and headed out to pick up the catering only to be met by moisture in the air and instant frizz.

Let me tell you, the smell of cabana in my car was enough to send any pregnant lady over the edge. I wanted to eat it so bad, I just couldn't. 

I had zero intentions of taking off my Zara jacket as I thought it ‘made’ my outfit and plus, the weather was meant to be a cool 20 degrees with showers.  Of course I am in Melbourne and we know that Mike Larkin is not to be trusted.  I actually came home with a sun burn.

Who would have thought? 

We had a great day but going to the races is not the same when you are pregnant, uncomfortable and sober.

I had to turn into Kitty’s good conscious and demand that she did not drink any more champagne until she had some water. 

I wore sandals, because of course I am not silly, so at least my feet didn't hurt. Success! 

Where else would I be other than one of the many snack tables?

I actually did take photos of the catering but it’s on my real camera and I don’t have the energy to bend over and plug it in. Just imagine sandwiches, tarts, chicken, brownies and the like.

The best part was driving in and parking in the members car park so I could leave whenever I wanted, which happened to be at 4PM after collecting my $120 of winnings.

Well, The Husbands winnings seeing as I only placed the bets for him but still – what is his is mine, or so they tell me.

I am sometimes like Paul the Octopus when it comes to betting. 

Anywho, good day had by all.  I think my racing carnival days have come to an end though. 


  1. You looked very beautiful and non-raspberry like.
    I do love your Zara jacket! Kate Middleton wears a lot of Zara, I can see her wearing this jacket.
    I also hate it when Mike Larkin is untruthful with us.

  2. Can't wait for kabana party times!


  3. You look beautiful, and so radiant! <3
    The loveliest pregnant lady ever! xxx

  4. you look gorgeous, that colour suits you so well, and I LOVE your headband/brooch x

  5. You look beautiful.

    Oh no to the end of Spring Carnival, races can still be possible with baby!

  6. You look amazing! We are trying to get pregnant at the moment and I pray I can look as good as you do! Love your baby posts keep them coming x

  7. Love the pink. I know what you mean about spending money on things you don't love. It hurts so bad...

    K xx

  8. You look so beautiful!!

  9. You look gorgeous Mez! Love that dress in that colour and your jacket! You are looking fabulous preggers!! xx

  10. You look sublime! Pregnancy suits you and that dress color looks so good on you!

  11. That's a really gorgeous head band! You look very beautiful and happy here. xx p.s. I had to laugh .. who is Paul the octopus? Is he like Henry the octopus (from The Wiggles)?

  12. You look great. Any recommendations for fake tan?

  13. You look great. Any recommendations for fake tan?

  14. Holy moly, $300 for a dress?! Haha thank goodness you returned it! Save that money for things for the baby ;)

    I think the dress you work looks great anyway, I love that bright pink :)

  15. Giant raspberry? I think not!! You look so stunning! The outfit is perfect. Looks like it was a really nice day :)

  16. OH MY ... you look positively radiant

  17. You are blooming! Yes I know that's a terribly cheesy thing to say but you look fab. Love your hair that length too xxx

  18. You look gorgeous! That colour is beautiful on you... There's nothing worse than being shamed into making a purchase by a sales assistant or feeling guilty about returning something!

  19. You look lovely!!!

    We actually flew down for Derby Day and Melbourne Cup this year. So. Much. Fun. We're already planning a trip again for next year!

  20. I look like that in my body-con dresses too..and I'm not even pregnant!!
    You look amazing!! Back in my pregnant days, we wore tents. I just LOVE seeing a beautiful pregnant form in a fitted dress. Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Lol, you do realise the irony in your statement "it was a fruitless effort" given the title of this post?? :P Awesomely done...

    Jokes aside, I think you looked really good. Stop teasing me with that jacket! Haha

  22. you look gorgeous! great head pice with the dress and jacket- it all works!
    um random question......I saw your youtube on sports bras and its saved my life- I hated sports bras before and now I have 2 I really like! Can you recommend a normal everyday bra or brands/tpes you like and have worked for you. Its a constant search to find a good comfy one and we are similarly shaped.

    1. Glad it helped!! I usually just wear Lovable or Berlei bras during the day, but if I need push up (which is rare) I wear Victorias Secret.

      I honestly have not found a bra that I love for every day wear. I love the support from sports bras, they just don't look pretty under nice dresses!

  23. That dress is amazing on you! And I just love a bump in body con. So cute!

  24. I was way to self concious to wear a dress this tight when I was pregnant I mostly wore baby doll style clothing but good on you for having the confidence! Your bump is adorable. Your baby girl is gunna be the most fashionable baby out there. I hope u still blog when she arrives (obviously not as much as u will be super busy) xx

  25. You are lovely with that dress:))




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