July 17, 2012

The Pantry

Does anyone else just freaking hate cleaning out their pantry? 

In a bid to attempt to live up to my blog name, I cleaned out the pantry.

I kid you not, I found items that expired in early 2010. 

I also found stuff that I didn't buy, and can only assume have been sitting there gathering dust since before I met The Husband, 5 years back.  Gross.

It gets to the point where I am throwing food into the pantry and closing the door as quickly as possible to stop stuff falling out. 

We have another cupboard for breakfast cereals and the like, but here is the before and after.

As you can see, I had a lot to throw out. 

I know, another riveting blog post... You are welcome, as usual. 

I'm in Sydney right now, this is a scheduled post - sorry.


  1. What are you doing in Sydney?

  2. Good job on the clean up. I did mine recently, same deal - had a garbage bag of expired stuff to throw out! I try and do it every 6 months or so....feels great and looks great....for about a week! Suzanne

  3. I have a pretty boring diet so my pantry is pretty easy to handle. My freezer on the other hand is out of control. I make big batches of things and always freeze it all even if it didn't turn out too well. I have a few dozen meals just sitting untouched in the freezer because I don't want to eat them but I don't want to waste food either. I actually love a black-out because it gives me a guilt-free reason to chuck it all out!

  4. Brilliant job! I love a good pantry clean out. The first time I cleaned out my boy's pantry I too found ancient food with expiry dates going back as far as 2000 (this was in 2007)! I still got in trouble for throwing stuff out that was 7 years out of date *laughs*. I hope your husband is more appreciative ;) Have fun in Sydney!

  5. I love a pantry clean out. Usually involves a lot of lock n lock and a label maker to get rid of all the opened packets of stuff. but somehow always find something with use by date of over 12 months even though I do it regularly

  6. I swear we have the tiniest pantry ever - like two tiny cupboards and then two shelves in the linen closet. Mine gets out of control so quickly so I have to organise it every couple of week! Even then...between the fridge and the cupboards I always seem to be throwing out food that's past its use by date.

  7. My pantry takes about 2 days to clean from top to bottom as there is so much stuff in there. I think I threw out a whole small wheelie bin of expired food etc.

    I never did take a before and after photo, but I should.

    It's starting to look a bit messy again, so I think I'll give it another clean before Christmas.

    I wish there was a service to do this as I can't be bothered LOL.

  8. have fun in my home town - i'll be visitng yours next week! :)

  9. I just wish I had the motivation. I need a house as
    Clean as that freakshow husband from sleeping with the



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