June 15, 2012

You Loco Ese?!

Buenos días.

Everyone loves a Mexican Fiesta.

That crafty little cotton socks gussied up her dining room on the long weekend and I thought that I was in Mehico.
I really did. I was scared that I would get on a bus and be beheaded and my head dropped on a door step somewhere.

Luckily, it didn't happen. 

Instead we ate delicious food, drank delicious drinks and tried to achieve maximum hair volume.

Kate indicating the height of the little person that we have hired to strip at cotton socks' bridal shower. Bam.

I sent this photo to The Husband, proving that I would be good with a puppy and he just responded that he thought it was part of my top.

Poor Popsy.

We love Pops!!

I wore my Gorilla Jockey uniform. Kept me warm like a toasted sandwich. 

ASOS A|Line Fur Vest
Bracewell Dress worn as top
Zara Jeans
Calvin Klein boots
Missoni Umbrella
Michael Kors handbag

These boots are really not flattering, but warm enough that I can over look it. 

Nini has plans to take over the world and have great hair.

Deliciousmisu I say. 

Cotton Socks unleashed her Cloud 9 - The 'O' on my hair and now I really want one. 
Those things are fantastic. 
Someone should send me one and I will review it. Ha.

Embrace the lazy eye. 

How is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?! Holly looks beyond adorable.
True Love I tell you.

Horry and I practiced sharing a bed since we will be bunking together in Bali.
I hope she brings her ear plugs.

So, a night of Mexican, Ouija boards, friends and ghost stories is all I need to be happy.


  1. So what did you hair look like after??

    1. I had straightened my hair with my GHD in the morning so it had more volume but that's about it. Damn it.
      Nothing penetrates the GHD effect in my hair!

  2. Looks like fun! Those pups are really cute.

  3. I thought my friends were actually joking about getting a stripper for my hens... it wasn't a joke. And he was a little person.

    1. Hahahahhaha!!!! Hilarious!!! I am kidding though..

  4. I love little R wish I could've been there. She will be a gorgeous bride x

  5. Hahaha! Love his comment re the dog and your outfit! Looks like a fun night and tell me more about those rollers? P.S Am I expecting a Kevin Murphy package any-time soon? ;-)

  6. You look so Kim K in the photo with the rollers in. xoxo

  7. "I was scared that I would get on a bus and be beheaded and my head dropped on a door step somewhere." I know it was meant to be a joke (well I hope it is anyway) but I find it in bad taste. You obviously have not been in Mexico as "beheadings" only happen in very few remote towns (I could count them with one hand), and is not the case at all around the country as a whole. Moreover, apart from the Serape on the table and some hand painted ceramics, that party looks nothing like Mexico, more like a tex mex restaurant. So before you go dropping jokes like that, make sure you actually know the country first and know what you are talking about.

    How would you like someone talking about Australia like that? I don't think you'll be impressed.

    1. Lighten up.

      No offence was meant, obviously, but I assume most people can tell it was a joke and not mean spirited.

  8. how did i miss this?
    what ave i been doing with my life?

  9. It was a joke! Get over it!



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