June 7, 2012

Philip B - Please Save My Gross Scalp!!

If you are subscribed to my twitter or facebook pages, you probably know by now that I have been having a gross problem with my scalp of late!

It all started back in December when I started to use Kerastase Bain Divalent shampoo, which got rid of all the product build up that I was experiencing, and the hair dresser (not my usual salon, just one near my work where I had a quick lunch time blow wave) told me to use it every second day, which I did.

Within a week I was experiencing dandruff, but my hair was so clean that I kept at it. Fast forward to January/February and my scalp had all sorts of issues, including dandruff, sores and all that other gross stuff.

I stopped using the Kerstase Bain Divalent and switched to Kerastase Dermo Calm but still had heaps of issues. I actually ended up ringing Kerastase to ask if this problem had been reported by anyone else, to which they said no. 

Anyway, after putting the call out for some help on Facebook, and lots of people suggested Coal Tar or Zinc shampoo. I went to see my doctor last night and she had a look at my scalp and suggested the same.

Straight after my appointment I had an appointment at Miss Fox for my threading (which still hurts like a bitch) and to my surprise, Victoria had left this Philip B product for me to try in hope that it would soothe my woes.

So it contains all of the good stuff that my doctor suggested, plus it is Philip B which always makes my hair feel so nice after leaving Luna’s capable hands at Miss Fox. Win Win. 

I was excited to wash my hair with it last night, and after applying to my scalp I noticed the smell, which is strong but not too bad.

I left it on my scalp for about 3 minutes before working it in to the ends and then rinsing out and following with conditioner.

I could actually feel my scalp tingling, which it doesn’t normally do, so I guess that is the active ingredients doing their thing.

I haven’t been able to dry my hair for the past 2 weeks as my scalp felt like it was on fire, but I dried it last night with my parlux and I had relatively no pain!!

My scalp is not as itchy as normal today, I cannot wait to keep using it if it is already having positive benefits.

I love reading the reviews on Makeupalley, and this product doesn't have many reviews but every review has been 100%, resulting in 5 lipsticks! You can read them here

Here’s to hoping that it works its magic and heals me!! I need some healing god dammit.

I shall report back after 2 weeks of use!! 


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I have had a flaky scalp for as long as I can remember. I have tried all the supermarket anti dandruff shampoos, coal tar shampoo and have for the past few years used selsun gold which isn't too bad but still hasn't cleared the problem up. I'll be waiting to see what happens with you. Do you normally have a dry scalp?

    1. Sometimes oily, sometimes dry! I have definitely had dandruff in the past, but never sores or anything else!

      I'll definitely report back, but if it is making a difference after one shampoo I am freaking excited!!

  2. Sounds pretty good so far. I have been using the Moogoo Shampoo and conditioner, which has great reviews for sensitive scalps but my hair just doesn't feel as clean. A bit too gentle for me I am thinking.

    Might have to give this brand a go at some point, interested to see how you're going after a few washes when your hair is more used to it.

    I should really make a visit for some pampering at Miss Fox anyway!

  3. I have really awful issues with my scalp. I tried everything - absolutely everything! I had giant chunky flakes, weeping sores at my hairline, constant itchiness and even bleeding. Like...bad. The only thing that works for my is the Nizoral 1% and 2% shampoos. It brought my scalp back to complete perfection - not a flake in sight. If the Phillip B doesn't work try the Nizoral - I had issues my whole life and it sorted them out. I ran out about a month ago and haven't used it and all my issues are back and I am making a special trip to the chemist just to get it!

    1. Oh and my hair itself is oily with these flakes and scaly. It is totally bizarre but sounds exactly like the issues you are having!

  4. Hi, Please be careful using coal tar products as it can cause just as many problems as you are already experiencing. When I have used products containing coal tar it has caused small patches of hair to fall out in clumps. I have found Nizoral 2% shampoo from the pharmacy to be very effective for fixing scalp problems, perhaps look into trying this instead.

    Very important to note that if you are pregnant or trying to conceive that you should most definitely NOT use coal tar shampoo at all, and most importantly DO NOT use during the first 3 months of pregnancy. The Nizoral shampoo is also better to not use, just in case, but there are currently no proven side effects to pregnancy for this.

    1. Thanks for the advice :) My doctor recommended coal tar, even though I am trying to conceive..

      I'm not pregnant, so we will see how I go!

  5. Mez, have you tried stopping the batiste dry shampoo? My scalp gets lumpy/pimply and scabby when I use batiste. Just a thought? Hope that Philly B helps too!

  6. Oi I'm so sorry for the scalp troubles, I ffeel your pain

  7. Have you ever heard of Paula Begoun and the website cosmetics cop? Have a look on there if you're still have issues in a few weeks. You can email their customer service and they're so helpful and she's great and has good skin advice also. Goodluck!

  8. ^ Mez I swear by Paula Begoun too. I don't put anything on my skin unless I've looked it up on her database.

    Also coal tar and pregnancy is risky. I probably wouldn't.

    Good luck!

  9. I've noticed that since being off Roaccutane for about 4 months now, I'm starting to get problems again...grrr. Dermatologist can't explain what the problem is, just "it's just you". $100 per visit for him to tell me that. F*ckwit.

    Looking forward to your reviews.

  10. This is a very delayed response but I have recently started using bain divalent and noticed so much more hair loss than usual! Waaa! Came across this blog post while googling to see if it is a common occurrence but it doesnt seem so unfortunately!



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