June 8, 2012

Chirp Chirp

I finally busted out this Muui shirt that I got from French Pony, but it took me forever to decide what to wear it with.

I just don’t have a knack for this stuff, which is why I prefer to wear dresses ha. 

It didn’t look right with black, or plain brown so I wore this black and camel skirt from Target. 
It’s kind of woolen and is nice and warm.  

It was $59 and I got it last week, so still current target stock.   

I need to buy a tripod, get my camera back from Canon and find somewhere in our apartment that is not clogged up with stuff, to take full length outfit shots. 

I headed out to dinner with Celeste and Vanessa to Café Sienna, where I had a great Caesar Salad because in my books, any salad is a healthy salad.

We then went to the Jam Factory to watch The Five Year Engagement, which I actually really, really liked!! 

The rain lately has been annoying me. I know it is good for the farmers though, so that is a positive.

The Husband has quite a few clients who are farmers and some of the stories they tell him are just so sad. All of the chain food places and frozen vegetable companies here who are starting to drop our farmers and importing all of their vegetables from overseas are no longer frequented by myself. 

Are any of my readers farmers?  

This ‘Room Service Menu’ was slid under our door during the week. Hell yes to being more lazy and having food delivered straight to my door!

Even when I order a pizza I have to meet the guy on the street, so this is a lazy girls dream.  


  1. you have to meet your pizza guy on the street? :o I'M APPAULED!!! Ours come straight up.. I think this is lazy pizza man!!! lol

  2. Yep, I am a farmer! Beef and some years grains. I was horrified yesterday when I got home with a packet of peanuts from Coles and they said product of some foreign country! WTF I thought we had the best peanuts only 600km from my house. I am getting more and more annoyed at the Coles and woollies people for doing this , having seen fruit trees in the riverina being bulldozed a few years ago I was careful about checking everything, but I am thinking thank god we have just had an organic shop open and I am going to support them more. We are pretty safe with our meats as its hard to bring live or refrigerated meats in but the fruits or even canned tomatoes just shits me! Rant over!
    Plus I just know they are growing the food in their bodily waste!
    Standards are not the same!
    The end

    I'm looking forward to the movie, not having a theatre here is horrendous so Austar is my very good friend!
    Haha you know I thought that the women had to attend to all apartment services themselves! Too funny! Silly me!

  3. How you paired the shirt looks great! Love both the skirt and shirt. I 100% feel you on the tripod - my mum, bro and sister (they take my outfit shots for me) can be a little picky/lazy sometimes.. just bought a tripod from Dubai which should be here by weekend!

  4. I really hate the major chains, I work in transport and I hear about how disgustingly they treat their truck drivers as well. BOO to the evil 2. Unfortunately I still need to go in there sometimes but I am trying to cut down how much I buy from them.

    Try Aussie Farmers direct, or better yet shop at the markets, thats what I do and its cheaper and better quality as well.

    great skirt!

  5. I LOVEEEE that shirt so much!!

  6. fab top but I agree frocks are easier x

  7. I love this top - I do find that black is often too harsh with this sort of thing, I love how you have styled it, it looks fabulous!

    All the stories about the Top 2 upset me so much. I generally shop at Parisi's or Norton St Grocer in Sydney. They're far more expensive but the stuff is fresh, it lasts and I can only hope that the growers got a better deal. My top preference is to buy direct from the growers - we often do that by sharing with my mother when she goes to Flemington Markets and shops there. The stuff lasts forever, it is so well-priced and you know every cent goes straight to the grower's pockets!

    I cannot wait to see The Five Year Engagement! So glad to hear it was good x

  8. What an interesting topic to raise. I must admit, I do pop into supermarkets every few weeks, but I do most of our grocery shopping at the farmer's markets or at our local organic store. Buying organic can sometimes be an expensive option, however I do buy everything carefully with meals in mind. I recommend the film Food Inc. - you might find it interesting.

    My uncle is a farmer and I feel really sorry for people who work really hard (especially on the land) and are not compensated for it. CO-OP supermarkets are also becoming quite a popular option around the world and appear to be a fairer option for both the shopper and the farmer.

    I LOVE take-away (especially Thai) and am also looking forward to seeing the Five Year Engagement. Fifi x

  9. I'm quite disappointed that the major food chain places are dropping local produce. Our farmers need our support. I would much rather pay a bit more to know I am eating something grown in Australia than something cheap that was grown somewhere in Asia.

  10. Not a farmer but I work in weather and lots of rain means flooding and work for me. So I want it to stop :-P

  11. I am such a fan of that shirt! Love the colours. I still shop at Coles every so often but I am so annoyed when I pick up a product that should be Australian and it's made or harvested elsewhere. Spinach was the latest one, imported from China. Not happy Jan.

  12. Nice outfit! Love the colours of your shirt.
    Want to eat more organic, but it's even more expesive than my regular groceries. So now just by my vegetables at the supermarkte.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Your top looks gorgeous. Love the look of the skirt as well. :)

  14. I tried that skirt on in Target a few weeks ago, I probably should pop back in and buy it.
    Fresh produce from the markets for me too. I despise the duopoly of Colesworth and their ongoing plot to squeeze out other brands in favour of their "Select" and own brand BS.

  15. Love your blog and have been a long time reader - interested to see your comments on the farmers and their struggles. I live in a capital city, but work in agriculture and am from a farming family, so I'm delighted to see your readers have so much awareness of some of the key issues! Lovely post (and lovely outfit as always!).

  16. Love your blouse. So pretty.

    We've got a small farm but have other full-time jobs. I would hate to rely on income from agriculture and be at the mercy of the weather. We've seen so many farmers sell their farms and grower / processing sites in the country close as they can't compete with imported products.

    Buying from the markets or at least Australian grown helps but unfortunately many consumers are price sensitive and will always buy the cheapest as that's all they can afford.



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