May 28, 2012


Happy Monday.
I feel like that is an oxy moron. Unless you don’t work on Mondays, then it really would be a happy Monday.

How cute is this kid? 

I picked up these cute little decorations for home from OzSale last week, but I forgot to blog about them and now the sale is over. Sorry!

I feel that they will be right at home with my sausage dog statue that I got from Target for $12 once upon a time.

He lives on our bedside table as a constant reminder for The Husband that I want a dog. 

I nearly got this sausage dog candle holder but decided it was just too creepy. 

If you want to sign up to OzSale, you can use my invite link HERE 

I’ve been trying to bully myself into going to the gym before work but it doesn’t seem very effective on these cold mornings. 

This photo made the rounds last week, first to my niece who was sending me picture messages and then on to The Husband.

Creative, I know.

 My lips look so pink but I didn’t have any lipstick on. 

I’m still on a pizza crusade using our little pizza oven.
I love that thing.

The standard pizza that I whip up for The Husband is salami, red capsicum, mushrooms, ham, mozzarella and bocconcini.

Cheesy goodness like no other.
I suppose I should add more veggies. Which ones work best on pizza?

I prepare it when I get home and then wait for The Husband to text me saying he is 10 minutes away before I put it in the pizza oven, which takes maximum 5 minutes to cook.

This was my casual Friday outfit.

How bad was the weather? We schlepped it over to our local dumpling house and nearly got drowned on the way.

The yellow jacket is still getting worn to death.

After work I headed to The Newmarket Hotel with the usual suspects. I’m on a sober crusade so I just watched their antics.

This is the organized mess on the back of my door.

 Remember the green hanging thing I got for $2.80 from that asian store a few weeks back? It has come in handy for hanging necklaces, who would have thought.

I love using an antipodes water bottle as a vase.

This was the mess on my chest of drawers, which I need to replace, stat.

I got them years ago from Ikea, the cheapest of the cheap, and now the drawers are all bung and hardly pull out but I think that I should put up with it until we move, one dayyyy.

Anyway, I have a bad habit of taking off my clothes and dumping them on the drawers instead of hanging them up. Who has a cure for this disease?

This is the before and after, once I had taken it upon myself to clean up my clutter.  Job well done. 


  1. I think you need more hooks!

    Try this pizza:

    It is absolutely delicious! I also make the recommended dough.

  2. i'm obsessed with pizza too
    i like broc
    i only really like broc on pizza. it tastes really good, promise!
    plus it makes me feel virtuous even tho i am eating pizza.

  3. A small pizza oven? Do tell? Brand? Where do I get one? I would LOVE a pizza oven.

    My favourite pizza - tin tomatoes, basil, red wine vinegar, salt, olive oil and garlic in food processor - for the base - then salami, fennel seeds, basil and boccochini on top. DELICIOUS!

    As to veges - I personally like pumpkin on a pizza :)

    1. The Brevilles Pete Evens Pizza Maker!! I love it!!!

  4. wahhhh... I want that yellow jacket. I suppose they are sold out right?

    Ok it's all about the basil on pizza.

    If you wanna do veggies... I really love olives / basil / artichoke... eggplant is good too, but try not to do too much on the one pizza, it's all about the simplicty!

  5. rofl @ your "go to cycle fatty"

    that is so something I'd do.

  6. I saw those stautes on OzSale I was going to buy some and then thought - Where the hek am I going to put them haha. Hate small apartments!

    I love those boots - Are they actually that texture/pattern or is it insta that make them look that way? Either way.. Love!

    1. They are splattered with rain hahahaha!

    2. HAHAH! Ohwell i like them regardless lol!

  7. Haha! Bullying yourself into going to gym. Brilliant!

    Only these days, I've mastered turning off the alarm on my iPhone without even needing to open my eyes. It's terrible, and always results in me having to rush all over the place!

  8. I love your bud vases & now I am super looking forward to pizza night with friends on Wednesday.

    Oh & cute boots.

  9. Mushrooms!

    Stil loving your yellow jacket!

    1. I basically cover the base with mushrooms as you can't even taste them once they are cooked, it's perfect!

  10. I love using antipodes bottles as vases! Such a perfect size! :) Im very much a dumper when it comes to clothes too, and generally only pick them all up when it gets UBER ridiculous and i cant actually get out of my room! The boyfriend says just to take the extra two seconds to put them away, but thats two seconds too long for me! haha! tres lazy! when you figure out how to do it, let me know!

    still loving the yellow jacket too!


    1. I don't think we will ever be cured. Being messy will always be with me.

  11. Pee that pearl pendant...more info please!

    1. I think that was from when Oprah came to Australia!

    2. Correct you are. It's a Kailis pearl with black diamond that we got from the Oprah show!!

    3. Thought so, just wasn't sure. Lucky that you got to go.

  12. Those shoes, wet or not, are really cute. Where are they from? :)

  13. Hey DD,
    Love the outfit, looks both cas and very put together if you know what I mean.

    The nails are a great contrast too.

    Have you dyed your hair black? It looks good!

    My fave pizza topping:
    chicken, mushroom, fresh tomato, onion and extra cheese with bbq sauce.

    You can also go ultra simple with sweet chili sauce, garlic and cheese

    prawn pizzas are yummo too. Maybe with chili flakes/capsicum etc?

    I keep seeing philly cheese used on pizzas with basil and olives..yet to try but could be an interesting taste sensation.

    xx Elle

    1. They all sound yum!! Yep I dyed my hair darkest brown about 2 weeks back, but it is pretty much black.

  14. sorry, just me again! what bases do you use for ur pizzas? xx Elle

    1. I usually use the Mission Plain Pizza Base (it's more bread like and rectangle) but I used a different round one last time and it left us both really thirsty, so back to the Mission ones I go.

  15. mission pizza bases? oh lord.
    i will hook you up with some nicer ones.
    let me suggest to you : gorgonzola, pear, walnuts and rocket.
    also potato , rosemary and tallegio.

    you will enjoy these.

  16. Hey! I've been a silent reader but I love your blog. Pumpkin and feta is really nice on pizza. I really like those mission pizza bases!

  17. There is no cure! We have a tub chair in our bedroom that has only been sat in once: when I cleaned it off and FH sat in it to tell me how nice it felt without all my clothes on it.
    It is my personal dumping ground, I usually clean it off each weekend when I do washing so I can start again on Monday morning.
    (Who am I kidding, it starts on Sunday night).

  18. There is no cure! I have tried to find it but, alas, my clothes rarely stay hung for long!

    As for pizza, there veggie toppings rock: Pumpkin, eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, onion. yum!

  19. I find the best way to keep bedroom furniture from being a dumping ground is to not put that first piece down. If there is something there, then the next time it's like "one more won't hurt". For me it all starts with my bag and coat. If I through them on the end of my bed when I get home, then everything goes there for the rest of the week.

    I'm a purist with pizza, I like tomato, basil and mozzarella. Sometimes with cured meat. Randomly, I also like grilled eggplant too. Making your own pizza dough is quite easy. I make a fairly big batch and freeze leftovers. Then, I just take it out the morning I want to use it, leave it out covered with a tea towel and top and cook it when I get home.

  20. We have a mini pizza oven too. They are the best! We use it all the time. I just make dough for the bases in big batches and then freeze so I always have some on hand.

    Homemade pizza is so much better than the shops we have on offer around here! x

  21. When you work out how to hang everything back up, please let my husband know, cos I can't tell him, he may just listen to you!

  22. Those boots are gorgeous!! And I love the whole casual outfit.

    As for pizza topping.. Olives? Tomato? The pizza I make is usually a meatlovers type one..

  23. My iPad is playing up, I of course am perfect and never dump clothes! I tend to hang things straight away if I am going to reward them, but hang them on the inside of the closet door, not on the racks until they are laundered. To stop dumping, how about putting your nice statues on there so that you would break them if you put stuff on top. I know all blank surfaces are very quickly covered in this house too. My dining table is often in a huge state of coveredness

  24. I think that kid's so creepy! (well at least how she's dressed is creepy) Reminds me of pageant girls.

    I call myself 'Dummy' because of 30 Rock, haha.

    For the clothes dumping thing, I used to do it all over my desk chair until I got a clothes hook thing that you hang over a door. Like this


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  27. The little girl is so cute!

  28. pizzas - no mission bases!!
    toppings - ricotta, steamed brocoli & flaked salmon (tinned stuff is fine)
    - pumpkin, blue chees & caramelised spanish onion
    - whole baby heirloom tomatoes - add torn basil & buffalo mozzarella once its cooked
    - mushroom gorgonzola
    - tomato red capsicum, olives, anchovies (optional but i love them) & sliced haloumi

    yum you sluz now i'm hungry and i'm trying to not be a piggeh



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