May 23, 2012

Sponsored Video: River Island Vogue Off!!

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this, but at every wedding and party that I go to, I am bound to rip out my killer dance move: the robot.   It usually ends in me on an unnatural angle, with my arm bent and hanging limply and a dead robot face. This is my standard dance move and if you have not seen it yet, I do slightly pity you.

Anyway, I was recently contacted by River Island in regards to doing a sponsored post to get their awesome new video app out and about, River Island Vogue Off.

Hot damn, I thought. This is the post for me.  Not only do I love these kinds of apps where you can upload your own face and do a high-larious video, but I also love browsing on River Island which is a high street fashion label from the UK.

You can upload your photo to the Vogue Off app here and create your own high-larious video! Please share the link with me afterwards so I can be thoroughly entertained. 

You can watch mine here!! My head could have been bigger.... and less shiny. 

I've already chosen my favourite item from the Floral Collection which is this Peplum dress.

To shop the Floral Collection, click here

River Island Facebook Page (1.2 million fans can't be wrong..)

River Island Twitter Page 

Have you ever purchased from River Island? Orders are shipped from the UK and it costs £10.00 to ship to Australia.

Sponsored by River Island but all thoughts and opinions are my own, as usual! 


  1. Love love river island their knits ( cardigans and jumpers) are fantastic and their men's clothing is fab

  2. I LOVED River Island when I lived in London!! I haven't ordered from their site but have been meaning to since they now ship to Oz.
    In particular I love their jeans because you can buy them in long leg!

  3. LOL! i think you now need to do a video post on your robot move.. it would be hilarious!x

  4. Why have I never come across River Island before! Have only been on the site for 5 mins and already see so many things I love..

  5. Try ASOS, they will ship it to you for free! They stock River Island. I ordered these jeans recently and I love them!

  6. Ahhh that video is pretty awesome! Love it

  7. I think that you are a lovely person and I really empathised with your pain regarding your delay in falling pregnant. Please do not take this comment as trivial - have you considered eliminating all sugar from your diet to assist with managing the polycystic ovary syndrome and conceiving?

  8. i've seen River Island on Asos - they have great stuff!


    Just nominated Domestic Divinity for Best Lifestyle Blog!

    It's UK cosmo but I hope you win Mez!

  10. i've bought a few things from river island but always via asos. i'll be interested to see if the prices are cheaper direct from river island once you factor in the cost of postage.

  11. I like River Island.
    It's probably the only stuff I buy from ASOS.
    Bought a denim jacket from River Island 2 years ago and still wear it.

    Please do the robot on Friday


  12. Some constructive criticism- I had never heard of River Island before and even after watching the first video had no idea who the company was or what they do.

    Maybe next sponsored post a little background info please?

    I hope you dont take this the wrong way, I could have gone the coward anonymous comment route, lol.

  13. Completely unrelated to your post lol but just wanted to thank you for your posts on Miss Fox! I've been going to Miss Fox again and again, and owe it to you for introducing it to us readers!!!

    Hope you're feeling much better too :)

    K x

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  15. Thanks for your post! Checked out their website right away the other day and just my luck, it was the last day for free shipping worldwide! So my card got a bit of exercise on that day ;) hopefully the package is delivered within the next few days! Will def post them up when i get a chance to wear em :)

    xoxo, R



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