May 18, 2012

Jellyfish, Camilla Franks, Roses & Photos.

Okay. Everyone is amazing. 

Thank you so much for all the love and support in response to my last post! I wasn't expecting that. 
I was just having a bad day and needed to get it off my (ample) chest, ha. 

cotton socks read my post and then was at my workplace an hour later with these amazing flowers. 
She is awesome. 

They are beautiful and definitely cheered me up! 

I got these three cute bud vases from Pash on Bay Street, Brighton and will post better photos eventually. They are very cute. 

I tried on this Camilla Franks dress, thinking it could be good for an upcoming destination wedding that I am going to, but whilst I love the colors and the fabric, the cut is probably not the best that I can do.

It definitely looks better on me once I tied the ties around my waist, even if it is not meant to be worn like that originally. 

My back looks deformed.

I’m not sure if that is my spine or not, but why is it curved like that? Surely that is trick photography. 

I’ve been trying to embrace necklaces lately.

I have two on here, both from Myer and by a brand that I have no hope of remembering.
I’ve got on my faithful Target dress which is too short to wear without tights.

Can you get knee surgery? I hear that Victoria Beckham had it done. I want it. 

This stuff is weird. It has gluggy bits in it and I feel like I am eating jellyfish. 

I’m still drinking my Chlorophyll. I’m not sure if I have really had any benefits from it, but it has given me more energy and turned my pee green. 

This is my drawer at work. It used to be full of Snickers and Boost Bars. I’ve changed my ways…

Now I keep those in my handbag. 

I’m not really sure if I am feeling the love for this nail polish as much as the other ones that The Husband chose for me.

This is Sephora by OPI – I only shop vintage (accent nail is China Glaze Snowglobe)

I feel like it is too close to my skin tone or something. Not that I am golden, more yellow really. 

My Canon Powershot SX230HS has a broken shutter and a scratched lens. I think I will just get it fixed as I have been told by Canon it will only cost $178…

Do you think it is worth buying photoshop?! I want to have awesome photos.
I feel like I am too much of a novice for a big fancy camera, and would never take it anywhere.

Help me!! 


  1. Adobe Photoshop for basic home use? No way. It is WAY too expensive. I use it at work and there's no way I'd pay the money to use it every now and again on personal photos.

    There are free online websites that allow you to do photo editing for that kind of stuff ;)

    1. PS - they are gorgeous flowers and such cute little bud vases!!

  2. I really like that Camilla Franks dress on you, very flattering.

    I also think I need knee surgery. My knees do this weird thing where they come in (that probably doesn't make sense). I think it's called knock knee..though, I don't have it as bad as some of the images on google.

    Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. What beautiful roses, and such a wonderful friend!
    I love the colours in that dress, it definitely looks better with the tie- without it I think it swamps you.
    I didnt comment on your last post- but want to say Im glad that others in a similar spot have reached out to you, and wishing you the best.

  4. Oh I really love that dress but definatly more flattering tied in like you have it. The print is so pretty.
    How beautiful of cotton socks, a true friend you have there.
    I don't know about knee surgery but I'd LOVE to get it if it's available! Lol

  5. Get Photoshop!! But first..

    I've been using this photo editing app called GIMP which is free (and boy is free stuff cooler than the one with a price tag). Maybe you could download it and play around with it? Only problem is everything will probably look alien at first which can get so frustrating. Maybe if you get it I can send you links to some of the tutorials I've been using!

    So maybe go with GIMP at first and then see if you need Photoshop :)

  6. I am so sorry to see you're having a hard time. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be and how hard the hormones from Clomid must be. You're super brave to share it on your blog and I am glad people who get it are reaching out.

    I think the Camilla dress looks gorgeous, personally. Get it!

    I personally would not bother with Photoshop CS5 - it's really expensive and learning to use it to its full potential is a bitch. I use Lightroom and it is amazing - it will cost you less than $200 and will do everything you really need to e.g. exposure adjustments etc. I am a professional photographer and I don't use it PS that much since getting Lightroom - especially LR4 - it is amazing and you can do so much stuff with it! I do have to say that the best image editing won't save a shit photo. Your Powershot has quite a few manual functions - I'd learn them to start with, it's amazing what consistent exposure will do for your images! :)

  7. That Camilla Franks dress looks amazing on you, skinny minnie! LOVE the colours, and definitely do the ties! Hope you're feeling better x

  8. You can download a free 30 day trial of photoshop from the Adobe website with all the normal features. There's nothing stopping you from uninstalling and reinstalling every month either ;-)

  9. Photoshop elements will suit you fine, you don't need the full program.

    It's a lot easier to stick to your budget if you don't try on $500 dresses in the first place.

    1. Haha $599 actually & it's definitely in the budget :)

    2. Sorry that came out wrong lol
      I meant: a new dress is in the budget, but I'm not getting that one lol

  10. i still feel like that drink was off or something.
    i dunno why it would be lumpy.
    do you like bubble tea?
    i love bubble tea.
    im glad you like the flowers.

  11. also. i saw that your yellow zara jacket comes in a cream colour.
    but I'm guessing you don't want to know that because your supposed to be saving.

  12. Well I love Photoshop but if you're only doing the odd bit of colour editing then I too would recommend Lightroom. It's really good for batch processing stuff (so I hear) - eg, cropping and resizing things and doing colour edits for a batch. Time saver!

    You can try PS and Lightroom for free - and Gimp is free too, so you could download all of them and see which you like the best.

    You can get super in-depth with PS and I don't think there is anyone who doesn't work FOR Adobe that uses it to its full capacity. :-D

    Also - yes the dress is cuter with the belt! And the flowers are super nice - how sweet of Cotton Socks! :-)

  13. Those bud vases are so cute! I need to get me some! Love your work outfit too.. The dress for the wedding looks much better tied at the waste..
    And those flowers are gorgeous, you are a very lucky lady!

  14. Photoshop is only really worth the cost (and boy is it costly) if you really get to know it and use some of the more powerful functions that it has. I'd try some of the free/cheaper applications out first and if you get to the stage where you need photoshop to achieve something then consider upgrading.

    When it comes to cameras, I'm actually pretty pleased with the quality of photos I've been getting from my iphone and won't be purchasing another point and shoot. I'm really excited about the ranges of more compact interchangeable lens cameras that are popping up now though, just waiting for the prices to come down a bit more before trading in my old SLR.

  15. What a sweet friend you have! Glad you've been getting lots of love and support. I use Photoshop Elements 10, it's $99 from and pretty easy to use, it has an assisted mode where it walks you through what you want to do :) xo K

  16. Hunny!!

    So glad you're in better spirits.

    I love the dress.

    Keep the faith.

    SSG xxx

  17. Don't buy photoshop, try paint.NET or GIMP first. Both are free.

    Paint.NET is the one I use if I am bothering to edit stuff, I don't normally do too much. But it will let you edit photos the way that photoshop will, and will give you a chance to play with it before you make a decision to spend so much money on something.

    The website is great for learning how to use the program and there is a super helpful forum as well.

    Let me know if you want any help :-)

  18. Lightroom is MUCH better for the kind of thing you want to do - for blogging, you just import a bunch of photos, add keywords to them, quickly flick from one to the next cropping, changing colours, etc etc, and then export to a folder. Photoshop is so complicated.

    My tip for you is to download the 30 day free lightroom trial from adobe (download photoshop while you're there if you're still not sure and want to compare them) and see if you like it.

    Also, if you're not keen on a big crazy camera, why not look into the Canon G series (I think G12 is the latest). They're compact, but practically as good as an SLR. I have some photographer friends who LOVE them!

  19. love both dresses, you look fabulous :) xx

  20. I love that first dress! And as for camera, try a compact interchangable ens one. I have a Panasonic Lumix GX1 but the new Sony Nex one has some great reviews.

  21. read this post if you have time, it is a beautifully honest post about struggling with infertility

  22. Maybe you can get a Sony NEX? It takes DSLR-quality photos without the bulk! I am toying with the idea of getting one too.

  23. If you're not in design, I don't think Photoshop/CSuite is worth the investment. Lightroom and Aperture are way better for just photography.



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