May 21, 2012

It’s all Pink to me.

There is lots of pink in this post.
I don’t usually have so much pink to share with you but this is an exception I suppose.

First up.
This China Glaze ‘Oxygen’ polish is a bit of a bitch. It takes ages to get the right coverage, not too streaky, not too gluggy and then it takes ages to dry. Far longer than any of my other polishes and that is with super fast drying top coat stuff. 

My roses are still going strong.
Strong like Bull.

I’m still in love with this bud vase. For only $10 I think I need to buy more, like 20 more, but not yet, not until I am allowed off my budget leash. 

Can you tell that my Mother In Law had two boys? Neither of them were partial to pink I am sure, so she is quick to stock up on extra girly looking things when it comes to buying presents for me.

You know what, I’m not sure that I own anything hot pink. Maybe my bridal belt which was pretty hot pink but that’s all I can think of. I have a deep pink wrap dress but that is all that is coming to mind. 

The Husband and I went to watch The Dictator on Friday night and as expected it was stupid, but quite funny. 

Why is one of my flowers bung? Why oh why. 

Whilst The Husband was buying his mum a mothers day card, he saw this and thought of me, so bought it.

He forgot to give it to me and then remembered on Saturday morning so rushed off to fill it out whilst I was in the bathroom.

It wasn’t until he opened it to write on it that he realized it was a Mothers Day card because it was in a wrapper, and felt terrible that he was giving me a Mothers Day card in light of our situation, haha. 
He added in a helpful ‘next year’ but it wasn’t enough to stop the tears.

He was so confused as to why I was crying and I was sobbing “I don’t know if its because you wrote such lovely things or because it was a mothers day card Wah Wah Wah Wah”. Poor guy. 
He was only trying to make me happy! Emotions are calming down now. 

I was trying to kill time in Geelong yesterday so went exploring the furniture shops and found this amazing seat in Harvey Norman.

I do want it. 

The colour is totally off here. Damn you instagram, you are meant to make my photos better not worse.

Anyway, this is my Clueless dress. I’m not sure if it before or after the make over though. 



  1. Aww poor S! I can imagine how that card would get the tears flowing though. You'll get there Mezzy!

  2. ahhahahah before or after make over.
    so funny.

  3. That seat is ALL that and a bag of chips
    Allllll that

    Poor shnooks, if I was in your position I would have had a cry too :( :( :(

    Can't waaAAAAAAAAaaait for Friday!!


  4. that seat is amazing!! and i would've been bawling if that had've been me in your position. :(

  5. OMG how much is the seat??

  6. The card is so sweet. You'll look back & laugh down the track. Hang in there =)

  7. That card is very sweet, chair looks awesome. Also love your room!!

  8. I had the same dramas with China Glaze Oxygen! It was so painful I never even got to wear it out of the house because it just wouldn't set. :(
    The husband is such a sweetie, what a gorgeous though. I hope that next year it can be a real card for mother's day.
    I love that chair too, the fiance wouldn't however. :(

  9. The chair is gorgeous, imagine how many things you would have to buy to match it though!

    Since it's already in Geelong you should go back and get it and store it at your In-Laws :P

  10. Where did u get the little vase? Awww poor S!!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Really loving those bud vases! Definitely got to get me some!

  13. Your husband is adorable.

  14. The chair is so nice!! Cant wait to see posts of you decorating your house when you sell your apartment. Are you still selling your CBD apartment?

  15. we have the same slippers. <3
    I love mine.

  16. That chair looks awesome. You should buy it and give it to me.

    "Can you tell that my Mother In Law had two boys? Neither of them were partial to pink I am sure, so she is quick to stock up on extra girly looking things when it comes to buying presents for me"

    My parent's in law do the exact same thing and it's awesome. get pink jackets and rose tops and all sorts of fun things.

  17. That bud glass is so pretty.
    Sad that the card made you upset, but beautiful of S to make the effort x

  18. Thos bud vases are adorable! I love the colours. As for the seat, I adore it, completely stunning!

    I don't blame you for crying. I found out my cousin is pregnant last week and I howled. I really thought we'd nearly be at the baby stage this year and now it is looking like end of next year and it was all just....too much. I feel selfish now especially when comparing it to what you're going through, but sometimes emotions just are what they are.

  19. That China Glaze Oxygen looks amazing, but how annoying that it's a pain to put on! I find China Glaze light pinks tend to be like that though :(

  20. slavisa, I just caught up your blog - i hope you are in better spirits now, I'm so sorry to hear of your conceiving woes. i hope the clomid is being as kind as possible to you. xxxxx

  21. also that chair is AMAZING. do you remember roughly how much it was?? x



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