March 26, 2012

Red Lips on The Weekend

When I said that I would be keeping busy and catching up with family and girlfriends, I didn’t expect that I really would be so busy!

Saturday morning I headed to boxing, which is still killing me by the way and then spent the entire day (literally from 9am until 8pm) cleaning, redecorating and rearranging our apartment as we were having an Open For Inspection on Sunday. 
I have never cleaned so thoroughly in my life, and the apartment has never looked so good, if you ask me.

At least I know that it will stay clean and clutter free with The Husband gone. He is a document hoarder and only drinks bottled water so we always have a million empty water bottles laying around, driving me nuts.

Cristina messaged me asking if I wanted to hit the town and my reply was, Hell Yes.
We ended up having a night of dancing and fun, which ended at sunrise and eating a kebab. Those late night kebabs are killers.  

I figured that it was as good a night as any to rock a red lip, and paired it with my ASOS Ponti dress, the one I wore to my work Christmas partywhich split at the bum, but had a thin red belt and the top pinned at the top to create a different look. I don’t have any full length photos so you will have to take my word for it.

I still haven’t fixed the hole in the bum so took a risk and safety pinned it, and wore a black slip underneath for extra protection. So far so good. 

I did not feel like putting much make up on so a little bit of eyeliner and some red lips made me feel a tad more dressed up, and ready to face the world.

I just wore my standard red lip combo:

Chanel Liner – Framboise Lip Pencil #37
Chanel Lipstick – Rouge Coco Gabrielle #19
Chanel Gloss (only in the centre of the bottom lip though) - Rouge Allure Lip Gloss Exces #60

It stayed on all night, despite drinking and hoovering a kebab. Did not budge. Best lipstick ever.

I’m ready to try a bright pink lipstick and would love some suggestions on the best ones out there!

I lost my nose.

After my looks fade late at night, the lipstick remains faithful, ha.

My fridge is all ready for Lite n Easy to be delivered tomorrow.
Cannot wait. I’m just doing lunches and dinners.

One of the worst cluttered mess stations in the apartment would have to be our dining table which doubles as a work study area too, even though we have a desk in the spare room (which is really a junk room).

In all honesty, the before photo was actually taken after 80% of the crap was removed and either re-homed in a more appropriate place (read: the bin) or put in the correct spot.  The after photo shows what remains on the table, being 2 candle sticks and a bowl of faux apples. This is all I plan on having on the table again. 

If The Husband thinks he can come home and mess it up again, he has another thing coming!!

This is a portion of the spare room. I really want to paint the turtle tank stand white, but this would involve emptying the tank and having someone help me lift it, and then painting it which would probably take some effort. I also want a new study desk but of course this will all have to wait until we move house, when we will be buying all new furniture and starting fresh. Fresh to death.

As you can see, the ironing board is up and out of the way, and the gigantor super cool iron has been re-homed onto the desk. I don’t intend on ironing in the next month so these can stay here. The umbrella has been moved to more suitable housing too.

Does anyone else have a junk room? The clutter just never ends. 

I found that Essie – Luxedo wears really well, but after a full day of cleaning, it did not stand a chance. 
I didn't have time to redo it before I went out so I just had to paint over the chips which I freaking hate doing. 

I saw these in Diva yesterday I cant help but think it is ridiculous. People buy these Saint/Church bracelets when they are blessed by the priests, and obviously Diva have decided that they are now fashionable, so why not make a crap plastic alternative.


 I want to get this clock up in our bedroom over the bedside table, but not working as the ticking will drive me insane.
None of the clocks in our house are actually functioning as I can hear them when trying to sleep and I lose my shiz.

This clock is actually huge, and totally awesome.

It will match the black and white linen that I have on the bed at the moment. 

I redeemed my chipped polish look by applying Essie – Fiji, but it took 4 freaking coats to look right.

I had to rush out to go to dinner at Chin Chin with Holly Pop & Cotton Socks and managed to dent it, as usual.

We had a great night, but I am here to say that I don’t get what the fuss is about Chin Chin. Seriously.

The food was good enough, but my king prawns were dry and rubbery. Not awesome.
The service was not great, we were practically snarled at by our waitress who hates life.

You are squished in like sardines with the people at the next table so close that they can hear your conversation, and mock you openly. Losers. 

Luckily I was in great company!! 

How cute is my niece playing in my shoes. They aren’t even that big on her, which is a worry! 

So, how was your weekend? 


  1. Love the red lipstick! OMG at it's staying power. That is just fantastic.

    I'm the same with the clocks in our house too. I have to sleep with the door closed because the clock ticking would drive me nuts.. That said I've since bought a new clock which doesn't make any noise.

    Essie nail polishes don't survive car washing too well either, but better than I thought they would!

    1. The staying power is amazing, and I was not even using straws, just drinking from the glass (and quite a few drinks at that....)

  2. Love the red lipstick!
    For a HOT pink, you must check out Nars Schiap!! It is a killer pink! Blair Eadie of Atlantic-pacific blog uses it and it is fabulous. I have the lipstick and the nailpolish.

    1. Oh I know the one! I love Atlantic Pacific! Thanks :)

  3. My bf is in the army, so naturally he is away A LOT! Keeping busy is good but it gets tiring and I find it can be hard to adjust when he returns after being go-go-go. Mix in some solo DVD nights for good measure with lots of pampering.
    He's due to go away for three months in three weeks. I will miss him terribly but it's hard to hide my excitement for having a clean, perfectly ordered home for three whole months!
    I bake a lot when home alone too, much to the delight of my work colleagues who reap the rewards of my loneliness! Fair payment for my sulkiness no doubt.
    Lots of gym visits too as it helps me get to sleep rather than lying in bed being sad!

    I wear YSL Rouge Pur Couture #07 Le Fuchsia and receive lots of compliments.

    1. Is he being deployed overseas or is he going on course?

      Thanks, I just checked out the YSL lippy and it looks fantastic on online swatches!

    2. Just on exercise so far, then on course, then deployment :-( I'll see him for about six-eight weeks until mid-next year. I fear I may get too accustomed to having the bed all to myself! Maybe I'll buy a trundle for him on his return... (Kidding!)

    3. I'm sure a trundle would be a luxury for him after what he is subjected to on course haha.

  4. I ordered two new MAC reds just yesterday :-)

    Speaking of pinks though, KeepingUpWithTara actually JUST posted on her pink lipstick collection. How funny.

    1. Woohoo! Did you get russian red?

      Thanks, I just checked out her blog.

    2. Why yes I did :-) And Lady Danger as the guy at the MAC counter recommended it for my skin/hair. They didn't have it in stock though, hence the online order.

      I hate waiting!

    3. I hear its the best!! I'll have to check Lady Danger out. When I first read this I thought that the guy at MAC was named Lady danger haha.

  5. The red lipstick looks great!! I moved out of home on the weekend... may the fun begin :)

  6. sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! I'm really interested to see what your lean cuisines are like. I've never tried them before but they look like a really handy option

    1. It was a pretty great weekend :)

      Lite n Easy is FANTASTIC! I'll be sure to do a week by week review of the food!

  7. Love a visitor/open for inspection/anything else that forces me to clean/de clutter!

    We own an apartment i the CBD and considered selling last month, we were warned to wait at least a year and rent it out in the mean time as the market is so crappy at the moment we would not get a good $ for it. All the best with the sale!

    1. So true, it really forces me to over haul the apartment.

      Yeah we would get fantastic rent for it per week so that is a consideration. Time will tell!

  8. I'm so impressed with that lipstick!

    Don't feel bad about the junk room, I feel like we have a junk house at the moment! :-/

    I can't stand clock ticking either. The only time telling devices we have in our house is the oven, our phones and watches. Clock free zone!

    1. Our house is normally a junk house too, don't worry!

  9. Ohh I think pink lipstick will look hot on you! I have girl about town - by MAC might be worth a shot... buttttt for its long wearing it does come off. But its a fab colour. I have a junk room - all the stuff I cannot stand to look at just gets shoved in that room.

    1. Hmmm I definitely need something long lasting as I hate to reapply when I am out!

  10. MAC - Girl About Town. I find it has great staying power! Such a perfect colour.

  11. Love the lipstick! Such a perfect colour on you! And nice job de-cluttering, I definitely need an entire day just to clean soon! :S x

    1. I was pretty ashamed that it took all day to clean such a tiny apartment haha.

  12. I bought a heap of those saint bracelets when I was in Rome, because they were super cheap and I needed something to bring back as souveniers haha... Find it quite funny that Diva now sells them! :S

  13. I forgot to ask you how the inspection went!!
    hope it went well. I guess you don't get much feedback straight away.

    I use a hot pink lipstick by Nars.
    It has staying power also but maybe not as much as the chanel.

    I liked my food at chin chin.
    maybe i am easily pleased.
    our waitress was funny.
    i wish i was there when the mocking happened.
    so bizarre!

    1. They were such losers. When we were talking about braces they full on mocking us, and they were rolling their eyes at our boobs convo too I noticed.

  14. May I ask where you source your OPI and Essie polish from? I now refuse to pay almost $20 for a bottle from DJ's.

    I really like that Fiji shade on you.

    My weekend was dreadful, I had to do a lot of studying, it depressed me so much that I cried for a bit and seriously thought about quitting law school. Then came today, I got an assignment back and I got a really high mark, so I am elated. Uni has a funny way of playing with my emotions.

    Also, like you, my husband is overseas (for two weeks in South America visiting family). So apart from dreadful, weekend was lonely. :(

    1. I got a good stash from OzSale, otherwise I buy on eBay, The Glossery and what not!

      Do not drop out!!!

  15. Loving the red lip, looks hawt. I spent the weekend two-ing and fro-ing between Melbs and Castlemaine (as that's where the boyf is from). Hawthorn house party then helping the boyf spew up jelly shots. Wow I felt like I was 16 again and def not in a good way!!

    1. Thanks!

      Oh gross. Jelly shots are the worst!!!

  16. The red lips with the glasses must have a been a hit with the gentlemen :-). Well done on the cleaning, I hated having open inspections because you have to clean a lot more than the usual quick tidy up. I also abhor the use of religious icons as fashion statement. I find it offensive especially when I see people wearing rosaries as necklace. So wrong.

    1. I didn't wear my glasses out :)

      That photo was taken before I had to drive to pick Cristina up, so I had them on for driving!

  17. Hey Mez, tagged you!


  18. Mez, can I just say that the lipstick looks fantastic on you and the short hair really suits your face as well! Love it girlfriend!!!!

  19. Looking very sexretary with the red lips & glasses. You're a babe! xoxo



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