August 20, 2014

Emporium & Uniqlo

When people started to bang on about Emporium opening in the city, I had no idea what they were talking about.

I thought it was something to do with Myer. Isn't that what their instore magazine is called? Maybe not, I don't know. 

Back in the day, I used to be cool guys. I knew everything about the city. Now, I'm an old lady in the suburbs who grumbles about either having to drive or catch the train into the city.

I put the word out on my Facebook page that I was in the market for a new puffy jacket and the overwhelming response of  'you need uniqlo' was enough to make me trek into the city on a Monday morning in search of this amazing uniqlo store. 

Emporium is confusing. It's huge. So many awesome stores, so many empty stores. 

I needed to ask for a map. See, I am an old lady in the suburbs who needs a map when shopping.  

I found Uniqlo quickly, tried on my jacket, paid and got the heck out of there. It was packed. Nelly was yelling and trying to grab everything with her grubby mitts. 

I love her dearly but shopping with her is really no fun. No fun at all. 

Top Shop was calling my name, as was H&M outside but I had parked in a 1 hour spot up on Russel Street instead of mortgaging my house for CBD secure parking, so I had to hustle and hustle I did

Of course, there is always an exception to be made when hustling, and it's usually in the form of burgers. 

I've never heard of Charlie & Co before but the classic burger that I had was pretty good. Maybe not $11.50 good, but $8 good. 

It was messy to eat and I contemplated using a knife and fork but I was hustling after all and when hustling there is no time to be lady like. 

For those with prams or needing disability access, they have 3 or 4 lifts in a row which is an improvement on any shopping centre that I've ever been to.  The lifts all came quickly and were relatively spacious. 

I need to go back, alone. That means you, Nelly. You stay home. 

I prefer to shop alone than with anyone else. I am not that much of a browser and I am the type to walk in, scan items and walk out again. 

I can always count on my readers to point me in the right direction. This jacket really is great.

It's so warm, but so light. How is such magical warming power possible in such a light jacket?! HOW. I love showing people how it folds into a tiny little bag, like magic. 

I'm going to get the long version too I think. 

I bought it mainly to wear with exercise clothes when I take Nelly for a walk early morning in order to stop me from freezing to death but I'm wearing it nearly every day, usually with a just a t shirt underneath.

If I wear it indoors (as in this photo) I am absolutely roasting.

So, have you been to Emporium? Do you love Uniqlo?

August 17, 2014

The Healthy Mummy - Giveaway (CLOSED)

This is a sponsored giveaway. 

I am giving away three (3) memberships to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge - valued at $49.95 each!

Before we get into the details, a note from me: Please do not feel pressured to lose weight after giving birth. Take time to enjoy your new child and only decide to lose weight if that is what you want, not what anybody else wants or because you feel pressure from society and only begin when you feel comfortable to do this. 

I gained 40kg when I was pregnant and it took me 12 months to lose it. I'm really glad that I didn't put pressure on myself during this time. 

Now, the giveaway details:

Designed in conjunction with the best nutritionists, postnatal exercise physiologists, midwives, and most importantly, mums. 
This tailored, safe and affordable program can easily fit into any mum’s busy routine. The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is the perfect way for mums to lose weight, get fit and healthy, and support each other along the way. 

What the prize will include:-

- Over one hundred 30 Minute Meals – designed by The Healthy Mummy’s expert dietitians and nutritionists.
- A focus on a balanced and healthy diet – it does not cut out any food groups.
- Family Friendly Recipes – the meals can easily be increased to feed the whole family.
- Convenient shopping lists – a shopping list that can be ordered online.
- Convenient exercises – no gym membership or equipment required; you can do everything at home at a time that suits you, with step-by-step images on how to do each exercise.
- Achievable results – 28 days is an easier target than a full 8 or 12 week course.
- An online support team and tracking dashboard, available 7 days a week – including a timer for interval training, both private and open forums, and daily tips.

If you’d rather sign up to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge straight away, visit the Lose Baby Weight website here – registrations are already open! 
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To enter the giveaway:

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- Entrants must be 18 or over.
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- Each prize is valued at $49.95.

For more information, please visit The Healthy Mummy or The Healthy Mummy Facebook Page .

Good luck! 

August 13, 2014

Goodbye, little home.

Moving Day has arrived. 

I am filled with mixed feelings. We are moving to our new beautiful family home, but we are leaving our first true family home which is filled with so many memories, many of those surrounding our first 16 months as a family of three. 

When I arrived for the open for inspection the weekend before it was to go for sale in 2012, I took a walk down the street and was surprised at how quiet it was considering it's close proximity to Nepean Highway.  

As I walked down the street, I knew that we would buy this house. 

Yes, it was small and needed some love but I knew that it was right for us at that time. The Husband loves big, modern, heartless homes and I like homes with character and a story to tell. 
Knowing that we would only be living here for around 2-3 years meant that we didn't care if it was small, as long as we all fit then we would be okay. 

Nelly painted her first painting sitting at this outdoor table. She's a genius, judging by her artwork.  

The Husband and I would try and have dinner out here, but it never lasted as there appears to be a special breed of mosquito that arrived at 4:30PM, rain hail or shine, and those mongrels could care less about citronella. 

Possums that would keep us all awake night in, night out would run along this path, not caring which humans saw them. They would even come right up to our windows. 

The Husband hung his punching bag on the roof, then took it down an hour later after punching it and seeing the whole roof shake. 

The day before we moved out, two ducks waddled up our drive way and let Nelly and I feed them at the stairs. 

We always intended on moving within 3 years but having only lived here for 18 months, it seems surreal that we are already leaving it. I'm sad to leave but of course I am excited to start the next chapter at our new home.  So many mixed emotions! 

When I was pregnant, I was permanently in this kitchen, baking enough to feed my neighbourhood (even if it was just me eating everything before The Husband came home from work). 

The Husband and Nelly would sit on these stools together, keeping me company whilst cooking even if sometimes all I wanted was 5 minutes of peace and quiet. 

I always meant to buy two more of these Ikea stools and never got around to it, the ultimate laziness in practice. 

Every night, The Husband would sit at this dining table and work tirelessly into the early mornings. Now, he gets his own study like he so deserves. 

Nelly would hide under this table and look out the window for so long that I would worry she was stuck. She left her mark with a yellow ball in the reflection of this photo.

There is a heating vent under this table that started making horrific noises when we first moved in. I nearly had to have my brother come and check it as I thought there was a snake stuck in there. Turns out it was a piece of styrofoam... I was honestly scared for days. 

We quickly outgrew our little home. It's lack of storage and Nellys ever growing collection of stuff just spread like wildfire and soon we were living with piles of crap everywhere. 

It was time to move. 

We've had so many fun times in this bed as a family. Every morning, The Husband will go and get Nelly and bring her in to nurse while he lay watching us with a smile on his face or he will roll over and go back to sleep, despite Nelly having her hand on his back constantly tickling it whilst nursing. When she is ready, they turn the bed into a trampoline.

Nelly slept in here for seven months with me. Well, we didn't get much sleep but I still miss those days of endless cuddles with her whilst The Husband slept on the couch. 

Having a sliding door that leads right to your bed from the outside can be a bit daunting, hence The Husband sleeping on that side of the bed incase of some masked mad man busting in, but it meant that I had the door to the bathroom next to me. 

There are two things that I will not miss about this house, sliding doors and slate floors.

Sliding doors are ridiculous. We replaced the door on Nellys room so that she had a proper door but our bedroom door is sliding, meaning there is no escaping Nelly, ever. She learnt to open doors real quick. 

Slate floors are my nemesis. They look nice when wet but the texture shows up all dirt, no matter how often you clean them. 

It was this floor that Nelly learnt to roll, crawl and walk on. It's been covered with many a soft furnishing to keep her comfortable. Eventually, along came the play pen to take up half the living room. 

Against that wall was where The Husband slept for 7 months when Nelly would not sleep. It was the only way that we could possibly survive and that he could get a few hours rest in order to go to work and bring home the bacon. 

We perfected our dance to get Nelly to sleep in our arms in front of this TV. Squat, sway, bounce. Repeat.

We came home from our first post baby date night to find my brother Joseph sitting on one of these stools, back to the TV, mirror against the wall to reflect the TV and Nelly on his shoulder. He was patting her and she was watching the TV. It was about midnight and this was the only way that he could get her to be quiet. 

Can you believe that we have never lit the fireplace? The Husband wanted one thing and one thing only, to have a TV over the fireplace which just so happens to be a pet peeve of mine. I wanted a big silver mirror and beautifully framed photos on the ledge but when the man who doesn't really ask for that much asks for something, you let him have it even if it means that you need to wear glasses in order to watch the TV.

The day that we brought Nelly home from the hospital, we had her swing set up in front of this window and put her in there and said to each other "well, what do we do with her now??". 

Sitting at this window, Nelly learnt to say Bird and Shhhh. We put a bird bath in the little garden and she would watch the birds flock to it and tell me to Shhh so as to not scare them away. Then she learnt to say Dog as she could see the dog across the road and hear him barking. 

She also sat at this window and would bang on it and cry as she watched me reverse down the drive way, or bang in excitement as The Husband would return home from work. 

We usually have a big brown couch in here as well, but with that and the play pen it was kind of beyond a joke.

This bath is small, but big enough for me to bathe in when heavily pregnant, even if The Husband did have to help me out every time.

It's big enough for Nelly to splash around in every night. 

It was even big enough for The Husband to hop in to the bath with Nelly one night, even if she did yell NO and make him get out. 

This room was hardly used until Nelly moved in there when she was 7 months old. When she did move in there, it still remained the cleanest room in the house. 

It was only a few months back that Nelly started to play in here, slamming the door and forbidding me from entering. 

Can you see her in the below photo?

I'm sad to leave.  I'm sad that I'll never sleep here again.  I'm sad that we wont see all of our regulars on our daily walks.

I'm excited to make new memories in our new house. I'm excited to make our new house a home. I'm excited for Nelly to have a backyard to get muddy in, space to run in and bedrooms for future siblings. '

I'm printing out all of the photos in this post and making Nelly a little story book so that she never forgets her first home.

Goodbye, little home. You've been good to us and I'm going to miss you. I might drive past you every now and then just to say hello. 


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