February 27, 2015

Supre without earplugs.

When I was younger, Supre was the be all and end all. 

You pretty much needed earplugs to enter the store, and for that reason, most parents opted to stand outside.

Does anybody remember the tank top that had a condom in a clear pocket and said 'break in case of emergency'. Seriously!! 

For my year 7 or 8 dance, I wore a mini tartan skirt, a black singlet top that said SEXY in red velvet letters and black leather knee high high-heeled boots. No kidding. Pretty sure that my dad had taken me shopping for an outfit for the occasion, stood outside of Supre, come in to pay when I asked him to and nearly died of shock when I appeared wearing the outfit at home...

Thankfully there are no photos of said outfit, at least none that I know about, but there will always be evidence of this skirt which I think may have really been a belt... a belt with a belt. 

Ha. Oh, god. I was so young and look how short that skirt was. It's kind of okay because I am wearing a bikini and at the beach but when I tell you that I caught the train to the city in that skirt, high heels and boob-tubes, well, that's kind of not okay.

Sorry mum. I know you will call me when you see this! 

Now, I didn't always dress like a harlot despite what this post might make you think.

I recently stepped into supre at Southland, having thought that it had shut down years ago and I was surprised when I noticed the small store, crammed full of racks. 

I went in, found a gorgeous dress (here) and walked out oddly impressed with myself. 

I recently headed out for a girls night out, one that should happen far more often really.

We went to Entourage which is Saturday night RnB at Love Machine.

The music was great and it felt good to be out with the girls again.

So we are in the bathroom, a girl offers to take our photo, snaps it and slurs "it's a winner" before handing the phone back and walking out.

Yeah. Thanks for nothing.

We had had a few drinks but even we knew that this was NQR. 

Yep. That's better.

It was a night without incident, which is surprising because we had voted that it be an OTF (on the floor) night out.

We've had some good times.

Fallen down stairs and taken out your other two friends on the way down? Check.
Passed out in a bathroom? Check. 
Been ejected from a club? Check.

Now we are clearly too responsible for that rubbish. What a shame.  

The awkward lean in full force. I think that I'm actually stumbling over and gripping on to Celeste for dear life. 

So. That was a long post when all I really wanted to show you was my new dress. 

Tell me about your tacky outfits from your past. 

February 16, 2015

Simply the best, ripped boyfriend jeans.

These are the best ripped jeans out there.

I know that it's a big call to make, but I'm not kidding and I am willing to stand by this.


On a lovely, child free, late night shopping expedition, I popped into one of those random cheapo stores and my eyes fell upon these jeans.

On the rack, they looked like they would be baggy boyfriend jeans and I nearly didn't try them on. Luckily, I was trying to take as long as possible so decided to try them on and instantly fell in love.

The best part? They were only $40!

On a normal sized person, they are meant to be 3/4 jeans. 

I'm 159cm and they are the perfect ankle baring length, plus the cuff can be rolled down two folds which makes them normal length for me. 

I've had a heap of messages on Facebook asking me where they can be bought, and now I have an answer. 

The store where I bought them (JustU at Southland - located near Forever New and Valleygirl) does not have an online store, and my hunting from the swing tag only lead me so far - to an online store with only one size available. 

I had an inkling that I had seen them online, maybe in one of those cheap and trashy instagram 'boutiques' and I kid you not, it took me two hours to trawl every damn online store, but I found a few stockists online! 

That's all I've got for now. They are pretty true to size. 

New hair, don't care: Brunette Balayage

I'm one of those people who really over thinks random decisions. Not all decisions in life, just the odd one that really isn't worth that much stress.

Decisions such as hair. I swear that I had been researching different shades of hair colouring etc for months before even making a hair appointment.

I knew that I wanted a change, but I didn't want too be drastic but I sure as hell didn't want to look like Morticia Adams any longer.

There is a great salon that I follow on instagram, salivating over their balayage work. It truly is impeccable. So, I worked up the courage to email them and make an appointment for a cut and colour.

It was meant to be, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

They replied that the stylist had a minimum of $400 for a colour and a minimum of $200 for a cut. So I was looking at $600 for a subtle change. I kid you not. Feck that shit. 


As you can see, I have naturally dark brunette hair. It's curly (even after the curls have been brushed out like in this photo), ratty and in generally bad condition.

I actually hate people touching my hair. Nelly uses my hair as a comfort blanket and always has. If she is upset, was nursing, scared etc then she will wrap her little hands around my hair and twist and shred it. Drives me nuts, but of course as it is Nelly, I allow it.

So when she stopped breastfeeding, it meant that my hair was kinda back to being mine and a change was needed. 

Oh hang on, that's not me. 

Don't let the hair fool you though. 

After I had picked myself up from the floor after opening the $600 minimum email, I put the call out on my Facebook Page for hairdresser recommendations.

They were flowing. It seems that everyone knows a great colourist and I started to get slightly overwhelmed but went with Tammy at Thomai Kyris who is located in Glen Waverley.

We started off with a decent chop as my hair was incredibly damaged. My passion for splitting already split-ends probably didn't help. 

I showed Tammy photos from her instagram page of her work that I really liked, and asked her what she would recommend for my colouring and low maintenance. 

We decided on a subtle balayage with caramel hues. 

When it came time to wash the dye out, I started to freak a little bit. I might have even been sweating. Tammy told me not to look at my wet hair and just wait until it was dry so that I didn't flip. Good advice. Nobody looks good with wet hair.  

I just kept thinking 'it's going to be brassy, it's going to go green, I'm going to look awful. WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!???'. 

Anyway, no need to panic. It's perfect. 


I went armed with a decent book, thinking that it would take hours but 2.5 hours later and I was walking out with my bouncy new hair. Not too bad at all. Wouldn't have minded if it did take longer as it was a damn nice little break. 

Despite cutting off about 10cm, my hair still looks long thankfully. I wasn't ready to go completely cray cray. 

Tammy does an incredible blow wave. This is literally just her, a hair brush and a hair drier. 

I'm thinking that I might go lighter next time. Thoughts?

The total for my cut, colour and blow wave was $250. This price makes me very happy. 

When I got home, Nelly looked suitably pissed that I had dared to change my hair without her expressed permission. 

I'm not even kidding. She grabbed on to it, studied it and then snarled at me. My mum picked up a lock to look at the colour and Nelly yelled out 'NO' and slapped mums hand away. What a little madam. 

See? I wasn't kidding. 

How good is Nelly's face in the background? We were parked when this photo was taken by the way. I'm not an irresponsible driving selfie taker.

The products that I am currently using are as follows, but I am always happy to try out recommendations so feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think that I should give a crack.

You know what they say, a hair cut is as good as a holiday...

I would still like an exotic holiday though. 


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