January 23, 2015

This is My Family.

This is probably one of the best gifts that Nelly has ever received.

My sister Jo made her a 'My Family' book about a year ago and I can honestly say that Nelly reads it every single day, without fail.

It's laminated so that she can kiss the pictures, and considering how often she reads it with chocolate or some other sticky substance on her hands, it's a good thing. 

For those who do not know much about my family, there is an old post HERE with a family tree but it does need a fair bit of updating. 

Clearly the understatement of the year. 

Thomas: "I don't skip with Nelly!!!" haaha. He wasn't impressed by his caption. 

It's time to slot Charlie in to her book, I think! 

As you can see, it's pretty self explanatory. Pick photos, write description and voila!

The best part about the book is that even though she may not see some family members often (or ever), she still knows who they are and can recognise them. 

These would make fantastic gifts and it's something that you can always update as your family grows. 

January 1, 2015

December 25

Ahh, Christmas is half over!

The beauty of having two Christmases isn't lost on me, but it's nice to get one over and done with. 

Christmas Eve was spent preparing our Christmas lunch with the help (okay, she did pretty much everything) of my mum.

My Food Bag was delivered one day later than scheduled so we were a bit behind in the preparation process which lead to me flapping my arms like a panicked chook and mum shooing me away.

We moved Nelly's kitchen in front of the stairs so that it was the first thing that she would see when she came downstairs but it didn't go as planned. I expected happiness, maybe even some clapping. 

What we got was tears and then some more tears! 

After 5 minutes, she loved it and hasn't stopped playing with it since.

We spaced out her presents throughout the day so that she wouldn't become overwhelmed and to ensure that each present got some love.

For Christmas lunch we went to Joey & Emma's house before heading home to get ready for our dinner. 

I started to panic that we wouldn't have enough food and even bought an extra Turkey but that was a ridiculous fear as we were still eating the food 5 days later! 

Our menu:

Fresh prawns
Mussels with vinaigrette
Smoked salmon crostini 
Mini caprese salads

Mandarin-marmalade and brandy glazed ham 
Green beans & baby carrots with lemon butter and hazelnuts 
Baby potatoes with herb butter
Roast turkey with cranberry, sage and cashew stuffing 
Cherry tomato, radish & mint salad 

Blueberry and Lemon curd pavlova Traditional trifle 
Tim tam balls
Christmas pudding 

My pavlova didn't look like the recipe photo as I forgot to mix the lemon curd with the cream but oh well, I just smothered it on and it tasted great. 

We had 14 adults, 4 toddlers, 2 babies and 1 dog in attendance.

The good thing about having your family over is that you can have mismatched crockery, plastic folding  seats and no table decorations and as long as you have food and alcohol, they probably won't even notice! 

My brother Greg flew over from Johannesburg for Christmas and I can definitely appreciate his toilet roll recycling for gift tags!

Nelly stayed up until 11, and was having the time of her life. She was dancing, singing, kissing everyone and everything and generally in the Christmas spirit! 

It was like time was rewound 15 years to when my parents were still together, with all of the siblings (minus Cat) and parents together for a big Christmas. 

We celebrate Christmas on December 25, which is the Christmas that I've always celebrated - it's more of a big family get together, party & open a million presents day and then we celebrate the Orthodox Christmas on January 7 which is the day that we go to church and to the cemetery! 

How was your Christmas? Any big fights? 

December 20, 2014

Grease is the Word

 I was given the tickets to Grease for free. 

I love Grease. I grew up wanting a boyfriend with a leather jacket, thanks to Grease.

The Husband and I left Nelly with my mum and headed out to the city, possibly with me singing 'Sandra D' and irritating him, but that's what wives are for. Aren't they?

When in doubt, wear pink lipstick. 

That's not really my catchphrase but I will pretend that it is. 

I'm wearing:-

Kookai Dress
Spurr Clutch
Tony Bianco heels
Hermes bangles
Stupid Triumph bra, not cut low enough on the sides. 

My hair is getting long. You know what that means, don't you? I want to cut it again.
If you see it dead straight you know that it's probably because I only had 15 minutes to do my hair before running out the door. 

I originally bought this Missguided dress to wear to Grease but then it came and half my boobs hung out so I changed my mind. There were a few 'pop outs' whilst walking around the house in it so that cemented it for me, it's being returned. 

It's only $30 though. You can buy it here.

I couldn't help myself, I sat through the entire show grinning like a fool. 

Knowing all of the songs definitely made it more enjoyable for me. Whilst I really enjoyed seeing Once (blog post here), it made such a huge difference to actually know the story line. 

Perhaps I should have worn leathers?

I don't think that it really needs a run down, but here you go :-

Since the show’s Broadway premiere in 1972 and the 1978 hit movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John – which went on to become the highest grossing movie-musical of all time – GREASE has triumphed across the globe, with its irresistible mix of adolescent angst, vibrant physicality and 1950s pop culture.
Featuring dazzling costumes and all those unforgettable songs from the movie, including: Summer NightsSandyHopelessly Devoted to YouYou’re The One That I WantGreased Lightnin’, and Grease is the WordGREASE really is “fast, furious and thrilling, an injection of raw energy… and fun, fun, fun!” (The Daily Mirror, UK).

It was a great show, definitely worth seeing!

Tickets are available here


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