July 31, 2014

Joolz Tailor Event

We spent the morning playing with the new Joolz Day Tailor range of prams at Cubbyhouse Canteen in Armadale! 

If you've read this blog before, you probably know that I have a cream Joolz and love it to pieces. If they had the Tailor range when I was choosing my pram I would have been so excited yet so confused.

There are so many options to choose from. I keep going back and forth on what I would choose if I had the chance. Denim blue with 'liver' accents (worst name) or black on black with Angel Blue accents? 

I feel like North West would ride in the above. 

So many colours to choose from. Check out Nelly just hanging in the corner.

Why are you so unhappy young lady, don't you realise that your pram matches your necklace? The ultimate accessory. 

Nelly had her first ever babychino today! She handled it with dignity and drank the entire thing with her teaspoon delicately ferrying the milk to her mouth. Over and over and over again. 

I love the painted wall at Cubbyhouse Canteen, it's the perfect back drop for photos.

I kind of need this wall in my house.

This was the colour combo that I put together, using the Tailor Jeans and Liver accents. 

Thomas and Henry are here to demonstrate that bigger kids do indeed fit, well Henry did anyway! 

If you want to have a play with colour combinations just head to the website here and have some fun.

What colours would you go with? Black for repelling dirt or something brighter for a bit of fun? 

July 30, 2014

VS Sassoon, Curl Secret Review

This product was provided to me for the purpose of review.

As you know, I am on the VS Sassoon Vlogger Team which means that I have lots of fun reviews coming up for you.

I had wanted to try out the Curl Secret for awhile but was scared of my hair getting stuck in the chamber.
Did my hair get stuck? Yes, yes it did. You can watch the drama unfold in my YouTube video below. You know that I like to keep my reviews honest!

The Curl Secret is ridiculously easy to use, and if I am saying that then you know that it is true.

I curled my hair on the tightest curl setting which definitely created tight curls, and then brushed them out in the above photo.

I didn't use styling product at all as I wanted the review to be as accurate as possible.

I would suggest spraying the curls with hairspray at the end of each section, leaving the curls to cool for about 20 minutes if you had the time and then brushing them out with a paddle brush and running smoothing serum through them to create a perfectly maintained style if you like me are not fond of tight ringlets.

The Curl Secret is easy, but expensive. The cheapest that I can find online is here for $144.95.

This is the dreadlock that was created when my hair got stuck in the vortex of spinning machinery that is the inside of the Curl Secret.

I kind of freaked out (seen in video) when I saw smoke.. Okay, it was steam but still, I thought that I was going to have to holler for The Husband to come in armed with scissors.  I turned off the Curl Secret and slowly unwound the hair.  

My biggest tip to those who are going to use the Curl Secret? Make sure there are no knots in your hair! Seriously, no knots whatsoever must go in. 

It took about 45 minutes to curl all of my hair as I was using such small sections and this was the first time that I had used it. 

- Easy to use
- Light to hold
- Three curl settings to choose from
- Comes with a heat proof mat and a dust bag (not heat proof)

- It's expensive (RRP $172.95)
- Cannot choose which way the curls should go (i.e. away from your face on both sides)
- Hair can get stuck (but can be removed fairly easily)
- Can only use small sections, resulting in small curls

Are there any particular VS Sassoon products you would like to see reviewed? 

July 23, 2014

Nobu + Adam

I have never really wanted to eat at Nobu. Weird, right?

I'm just not into Japanese food and expected it to be like the tempura heavy restaurants we went to growing up, turns out I was wrong for once.

Target Dress (here)
Colette Clutch (here)
Lovisa necklaces (don't appear to have an online store - wtf is up with that??)
Target Shoes (here)

Including the two necklaces (assuming they are still full price), if you were to buy all of these items today then this outfit would only cost you $107. Not bad, not bad at all.

Let's try and ignore the carnage in the background of this photo. 

I have now mastered the curling wand. I just need to use hairspray after it's complete so that it holds it's style.

I'll have a video tutorial up by Friday on how I did this.

Nelly, the master of the side eye.

Roxy picked me up in the cab and then we picked Courtney up. It was like being 18 and on our way to the club again.

Apparently the cab driver told Roxy that he didn't like her coconut oil perfume, and then I got in with coconut oil on my legs; the poor guy.  He stiffed us of our change at the end of the ride, so he got his revenge I suppose. 

I've had a mocktail at Nobu before (I was pregnant but kept it on the down low) but had never eaten there.

This is the Apchee Martini and it was incredible. Incredible, I tell you. I don't like to taste alcohol when drinking and this masked it well. 

"Is it an apple martini? No! Is it a lychee martini? Oh No! It’s one of our best signature drinks here at Nobu Melbourne. East meets west right here with our delightful Apchee martini. Apple and lychee liquers, 
lychee juice and fresh muddled lime, sweet at first with a cleansing sour finish, garnished with a lychee."

Roxy, Courtney and I

It was Roxy who gave me my valuable hair tips, thank you. 

I really need to pull my camera out more often than my phone, the photos are so much better but I can't handle the shame that comes with the automatic flash. 

Pork Belly is not something that I have ever ordered before, and I am starting to question myself as to why that is.

This was amazing. I hate to use words like Divine, Incredible and Spectacular but I think I need to for you to understand.

"Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Balsamic Teriyaki and Spicy Miso on Hoba leaf"

It legit melted in my mouth. I had to eat with a fork and knife because I am uncultured in the art of chopsticks.

The service was really good.  We had to wait about 45 minutes for our third round of drinks, so they were nice enough to comp them for us (after only offering to comp the mocktail which I had moved on to, but Roxy sorted that out...).

I'm just putting this out there, $12.90 for a bottle of water. Just one bottle of water. I'll be damned. WITH SLEEVE. What is the sleeve? Do we get to keep this sleeve? No. 

What's a night out without a bathroom selfie at Crown? A terrible one I would assume. 

We headed to Eve after dinner but after entering Eve we decided to book a table at Adam instead.

They can try and market Adam as a separate club, but please, it's just a room within Eve except that you have to buy a table. 

After this photo was taken, Courtney remarked "If it doesn't make the FB page then we know that we are ugly" ha. 

I'm quite certain that this was not at the start of the night. 

We ended up at City Road McDonalds afterwards and after demolishing my first McChicken burger I came to the conclusion that 1 really is not enough, 2 must be eaten.

Roxy and Courtney told me they would respect me more if I ate another one. I didn't need their respect because I would have eaten 2 regardless. 

Look, I probably would have gone for a 3rd but didn't want to break a $50 for a burger. 

I rang The Husband at 4am as the cab pulled up, he got up to let me in and I flopped down in bed, make up still in tact. Classy.


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