April 25, 2015

Joolz Geo Pram Launch!

I recently attended the launch party for the new Joolz Geo Pram.

The Geo is a step up from the standard Joolz pram for the following reasons:-

- It can be transformed to a duo! YES! Two kids at once!!!! Either a toddler/baby configuration or twins. Success. 
- A new huge basket. The small basket has always been my one gripe with my Joolz Day pram but this issue has now been solved. 
- New, sleeker, thinner design. 

As you can see, Charlie gave the Geo a 4/5. Ha. 

My pram is over 2 years old now, and it's beginning to show the standard signs of use so it was nice to play with some brand new prams for the morning.

The launch party was held at Jardin Tan in the Botanical Gardens.

Liz, Henry and Charlie joined Nelly and I and we had a great morning out in the sunshine (as you can tell, by the inclusion of the word sunshine, that this is a belated post. For some reason some scheduled posts never went live and I'm only just realising this now). 

Chocolate Milkshakes were enjoyed...

Croissants were eaten...

Prams were pushed and fawned over...

When the time comes for us to have another baby, I will definitely be getting a joolz footboard to add to my pram for Nelly to roll around on, like a boss. 

Nelly and Henry loved running around and exploring the garden at Jardin Tan after their official duties of pram-testers was over.

This is pretty much Nelly telling Henry off for something. I don't know what, but I'm sure that's whats happening here...

Plotting their escape...

This photo does not show the size of this dog but he was the size of a small horse.

Two glasses, thank you.

April 24, 2015

VS Sassoon 3Q Hair Dryer; Video Review

Hello folks.

I have a new YouTube review up, of the new VS Sassoon 3Q Hair Dryer and you had better believe that I left the bloopers in! I know that everyone loves a good laugh at somebody elses expense...

I recorded this video on my phone, in The Husbands study at 10pm at night so please excuse the poor quality.


You can buy the 3Q here for $148! It's worth it!

April 23, 2015

Laced Up With String & Luna at Maison Tsumiki

All photos in the post were captured by Teresa Lok. 

I recently re-lived my dream of becoming a bride for the day again, without the hassle of finding a new husband, getting rid of the old husband (just kidding darling), paying an exorbitant amount for a reception and the hassle of seating charts.

My friend Steph and her sister Tarsh have recently started their own bridal accessory company, Laced Up With String and you had better believe that each item is handmade, in Melbourne, with love. 

Laced Up With String specialises in making vintage inspired accessories by hand, right here in Melbourne.  Everything that they have made are based on styles which were popular from the 1920's through to the 1950's so they are not your standard cookie cutter bridal accessory brand. 

When Steph asked me if I would model their range, obviously I jumped at it. Then she said that I could have my hair and make up done and I was In Like Flynn even more.

What a fun day out. No kid, no husband (left at the alter, obviously) and playing with beautiful veils and headpieces. Seriously, this is my kind of day!!

The Husband came home one day and I walked down the stairs in the wedding gown that had been chosen for the shoot.

He looked at me, looked away and then his head snapped back. What are you doing? he questioned. I told him that I was playing bride for a friend and could he believe that this wedding dress cost THIRTY DOLLARS.

Yes. Thirty Dollars. $30. Unbelievable. What a find!!

Steph had to shorten it for me and bulldog clips were used to tighten it up, but it is a great dress.

If anyone was going to do my hair and make up, it was Luna who did my real wedding hair and make up. I trust her completely. 

Luna is now at Maison Tsumiki, a gorgeous Japanese salon in Emporium (Melbourne CBD) where they specialise in Shu Uemura hair care. 

I love Emporium. I wish that I still lived in the city, purely so that I could waste all of my money there. 

This was my first time visiting Maison Tsumiki, and it was great to see Luna again.

I've made another appointment in a couple of weeks to visit again. Once I was back in Luna's capable hands, I felt brave and we have decided to change my hair a little. 

Don't worry though, I'm not cutting all of my hair off and getting a bob again. Luna already asked me if I wanted to do it, and that answer is no. 

I wasn't kidding, it's a really gorgeous salon.

Once I was well and truly groomed, it was Bride Time. 

Steph and Tarsh rented a stunning Art Deco apartment on Collins Street which is where the majority of the photos were taken before we hit the streets. I admit that I was a bit nervous about pounding the pavement in a wedding gown and minus a bridal party. 

Isn't this veil just amazing?! I love it. I love it even more because it is called The Maryanne after yours truly, not the one stuck on the island.

If some of the pieces that you see in this post are not available in the etsy store yet, they will be soon.

Future Brides; keep checking that store. New stock will be added shortly.

Birdcage Veil 

ahh, that lace. too gorgeous.

When a bride gets hungry, she must eat. 

After demolishing a McChicken burger, we left Maccas and a guy outside turned to his girlfriend and said "Now THAT is how it's done!". Then I walked past, he saw the bulldog clips holding my dress together and a deflated "oh." was heard. 

Vintage Wedding headpiece or sash.

I'm obsessed with this. It's amazing and under $100!! 

Vivienne Birdcage Veil

I feel as though this is the ultimate birdcage veil.

As you can tell, I had a great day and cannot wait to see the rest of the pieces as they are listed.

For more items and behind the scenes photos, head to:

Laced Up With String Instagram
Laced Up With String Facebook
Laced Up With String Etsy

Are you a bride-to-be? What style headpiece, if any, are you planning on wearing or did you wear?


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