April 23, 2014

Easter Exhaustion

The lead up to Easter this year was spent keeping a giant secret from my mum which is kind of hard when you have 3 siblings in on the secret as well.

The secret was that Cat, Mike and Rory would be coming for Easter to surprise my mum.
It started out as a surprise for everyone but some people aren't good at keeping secrets (that person being me). 

Mum had expressed to me that she wished Rory could be here for Easter and I told her that I had already discussed it with Cat and it was just too risky, he was still too little to fly and she fell for it hook line and sinker. What a sucker. I even threw in, for good measure, that we would have to listen to Cat cry about how she wasn't with the rest of the family. 

Joey got on board and decided to mess with Cat, telling her that he had booked flights to Perth for Easter and could she pick him up? She felt terrible that he had 'wasted money' on a ticket and ended up telling him she was coming (of course, he already knew this).
I had to hear the following for a whole week before he told her the truth:
"Isn't bubby Joe the best??"
"Can you believe he would try and surprise us for Rorys first Easter?"
"I can't believe he is so sweet, it's so un-joey like"

Yeah. Real sweet, isn't he? Little bastard. I have never rolled my eyes so much during phone conversations as these ones. 

The plan was for us to skype Cat and then she walks in the door but of course mum was impatient and didn't want to skype using my phone so went back out into the living room to get the iPad just as Cat walks in the front door. 
I think that we are probably lucky that mum didn't have a heart attack. She couldn't stop shaking! 

Rory is like "yeah, I'm here. What of it?". He's so chill. 

How awesome are these cupcakes?!

The Easter Bunny isn't very cute in our family...

But the kids who participate in the hunt sure are!

Uncle Luiey swoops in, freaks her out for a while and then swoops back out. 

Nelly had been struggling for a few days, generally quite miserable, off her food and drooling a lot so I chalked it up to a new tooth coming through.
Saturday evening she started to cough, a real bark of a cough and by 9:10pm I was on the phone to 000.

She had started to cough really severely in her sleep and then I could hear her gasping for air through the monitor, burst in to her room and she was really struggling so I rang 000 and an ambulance was here within 4 minutes, as well as another paramedic in a separate car. 

We were bundled in to the ambulance and told she had bad Croup.
As the paramedic tried to attach something to Nelly she bit her. I was assured that she had been bitten by much worse than a 13 month old but still! 

My poor girl was working so hard to breathe but the ambulance drive soothed her a little. We arrived at Monash and Nelly had started to calm down, but as soon as a doctor tried to test her oxygen levels she lost her cool again. She was beyond distraught this time and another doctor ran around, told us to get her to another room and put her on oxygen NOW.
So, we run to the room with the oxygen, Nelly spots a turtle toy and is COMPLETELY FINE. Practically sitting there playing and singing La La Laaaa.

Well, not completely fine as she still had a strong stridor but she no longer needed the oxygen and the doctor who had ran in saying she needed it was left scratching his head and exclaiming "how is this the same child????". 

The steroids that they gave her worked quickly but she was kept overnight for observation. 

We were given both a hospital bed and a cot for her but she would only sleep in my arms so I sat on a little chair all night with her in my arms. At one stage around 3am I managed to lay down on the bed whilst she breastfed herself back to sleep and I started to doze off but of course they came in to check her 10 minutes later, waking her back up.

"Mum, I think that if I rattle the cot loud enough, nobody will get any sleep!!"

I had a moment of complete exhaustion at 4am as I was pacing the halls with a screaming, inconsolable baby in my arms when a doctor offered her a dummy and I jumped at the chance. She just threw it. No interest whatsoever. 

We were discharged at 7am and as soon as we got home, both Nelly and I went to bed and when she woke up The Husband wrangled her so I could get some more sleep.

She is still fairly unwell but it improving day by day. 

Back when we could get a smile out of her...

Baba does a great job at decorating the eggs for Easter and this year Nelly was able to crack a few herself. 

I hope that your Easter was spent in better health than ours! 

What did you do? 

April 16, 2014

I'm wearing Leggings as Pants.

I know that I said I would never ever wear leggings as pants but something has changed in my genetic make up and I now think that it is okay.

I'm sorry fashionable people. 

I headed out to Morris Jones last week and as I like to peruse a menu before ordering, I had decided what I was going to order days before the event.

It wasn't a hard decision - the Prawn Risotto with crispy squid, avocado and Tangilimar
macadamia had my name written all over it, until it came out and I tasted it that is.
The only strong flavour was that of star anise. For me, it was inedible.

I ate all of the squid as that was on top and not contaminated and then took one bite of the risotto before deciding that surely it wasn't just me, this was not right and offering it to my friends who quickly agreed with me and called the waiter over.

I'm not the sort of person who sends back food, I would rather starve, pay for it and then go through maccas drive thru on the way home rather than potentially hurt a chefs feelings, but my friends told the waiter that there was something wrong with it and upon telling us that it was the star anise that I could taste, he sent it back to the kitchen agreeing that it should be on the menu, and the chef comped my meal and sent out the sea scallops with oxtail sauce and cauliflower which were divine. 
Seriously, they were delicious.

It was so nice of them to send out another meal and take the other off the bill as it was really just my taste buds that couldn't handle it - it wasn't under cooked, or off or anything like that.

The service at Morris Jones was brilliant, as were the cocktails.

Nelly knew that there was something up when I was doing my make up as The Husband bathed her and after I kissed her good night, strapped on my heels and walked out the door she literally threw herself at the door, screaming mum mum mum mum mum. I thought she was too young for that?

I could hear her as I reversed the car down the drive way and when I looked up at the house she was in The Husbands arms, banging on the window looking so sad. 

It broke my heart and made me never want to go out on a girls night ever again. 

Bardot blazer (minimum 5 years old)
Dotti top (pinned at the neck with a hair clip as otherwise it sits way too low on my bust)
Target heels
Lovisa necklace 
Cute wide eyed baby wearing bonds 
Greasy 5 day old hair - tick. 

So, do you send a meal back if you seriously can't stomach it or just grin and bear it? 

April 14, 2014

The Aquarium

A few weeks back we took the train into the city to meet my mum at Spencer Street Southern Cross Station as she had also caught the train in from the country for our girls day out in The Big Smoke.

The train ride in was fine, Nelly was happy enough to stay in her pram and then an old Greek YiaYia got on, sat next to us and gave me the ol' "You Greek? No? You look Greek. Maybe you are Greek." spiel and played Peek-A-Boo with Nelly who did not appreciate it and decided to cry.

I honestly had no idea what to say to this lovely little grandma so made up that she was a shy baby and didn't like strangers which is so far from the truth. So now her dislike count is up to two, our local lollipop man who makes Nelly cry every time he talks to her and the YiaYia.

My outfit:

Glassons jumper 
Zara jeans
Country Road sandals (I know, sandals and a jumper is not quite right but I have no other comfortable walking shoes that aren't runners or thongs)
Lovisa necklace

Whilst putting Nelly into her pram she pulled hard on my necklace and broke it. Woe is me. 

Hello chinny. 

Nellys OOTD:
Cotton On Kids top
Sprout vest
Big W leggings
Pumpkin Patch shoes
Country Road beanie 

I hadn't been to the aquarium for years and was a bit surprised at how expensive the entry ticket is for adults but they must spend a bomb on maintenance, and it really is beautiful so I suppose I can't grumble. 

Nelly loved the rock pool section and had a grand old time touching things and pulling them out of the water.

We were there for a good 10 minutes before the staff member gave us a stern look and we got the hint that she had probably handled things for long enough and moved on.

She was beyond mesmerized by the tanks and fish. It really is a fantastic aquarium and I can't wait to take her back when she is walking. 

Shark Bait, Hoo Ha Ha. 

Pinjarra, the resident crocodile is beyond huge. He's over 5 meters long and weighs in at over 750kg! Holy crap.
I wouldn't fancy meeting him in my local water way, that is for sure.

RAGH. I'm a big croc. 

Mum is totally giving her the side eye. 

I actually didn't see any water snakes this time. I wonder if they are still there and we missed them. I did jump a mile when I saw a lizard though. I'm just no good at scaly slithering creatures which makes no sense as my favorite part of the zoo is the reptile enclosure and my favorite pets are turtles.

Nelly may have put her hands in one of the mangrove enclosures, so when she put her hand in mums mouth here I couldn't help but laugh.

I kept waiting for someone to approach us, apprehend us and kick us out. 

Penguins are seriously incredible. I love them so much and want to take one home and keep it in the bath full of ice. 

We were lucky enough to see a baby penguin in it's mums pouch.

"I think that I have found my people!"

When leaving via the gift shop (yeah, I see what you did there Melbourne Aquarium) mum was looking to buy Nelly and Rory a gift (whereas I complained it was far too expensive) and she picked out two toys, one in blue and one in pink. Nelly immediately grabbed this blue penguin and would not let go.

She held on to it for most of the trip home and is still cuddling it today. The baby penguin comes out of the pouch and has a rattle.

Our train ride home turned sour when it started to fill up and Nelly wanted to explore. She ended up leaning over the school boy next to us and watching him play on his iPad and offering him sultanas.
To his credit, he didn't mind and every time I apologised he told me not to be silly. What a nice young man.

April 9, 2014

Ice Cream - Hot Cross Buns - General delicious food.

I bought this dress from K Mart for $7 a few months back but only remember that I have it when the weather is really hot, otherwise it just hangs in my wardrobe with it's fellow blue dress buddies. I have a problem and own way too many blue dresses but at least this one is spotty and not stripes.

The Husband calls it my Tennis Dress. It's probably about as close to a tennis court as I will ever get so that's okay - he can dream.

For a $7 dress it's not bad but the fabric is really thin so shows every single damn lump and bump. If I didn't just wheel it out on boiling days I would be inclined to wear spanx under it for a smoother look.

Albino in one photo and tandoori tan in the next.
How and why?

We were headed out to meet up with a friend (hi Roxy) and to go in search of nutella hot cross buns and ice cream. 

Search, recover and demolish. 

She may look innocent but fear not, she is fond of throwing pillows around. 

Actually, she is fond of pillows in general. Loves to hide under them and launch her self into them at break neck speed.

Pumpkin Patch sandals
Pure Baby dress & bloomers
Toshi Hat 

A bit of blue on blue with some bling never hurt anybody. 

We had brunch, because that's what we do these days, at the Pantry in Brighton. 

I had the Pancakes -  banana, vanilla bean ice cream, maple syrup, sweet almond and coconut crumble topped them off and they were freaking delicious. The only issue was that there was not enough of it and apparently it's unladylike to lick plates in public.

Fear not for we found the elusive nutella hot cross buns at Brumbys.

I think that the only way they could be better would be if they were baked like the chocolate hot cross buns at Bakers Delight and then the nutella was put in. They are basically white bread hot cross buns with nutella but they are still great. Heating up in the oven is a must. 

I was a bit cruel bringing these home considering The Husband was fasting which meant that I unfortunately had them all to my self... 

Nelly refused to get back in her pram after brunch (she also decorated the street with grapes) so I carried her while Roxy wrangled the pram which was weighed down with hot cross buns. 

Whilst walking, an older lady started talking to us, but not really talking to us, more talking in our general direction about a car who parked to close to another car, and then followed us a good 500 meters, into Woolworths and up to the ice cream section to talk to Nelly and tell me that Nelly was making faces at her. 

She really has a knack of attracting people who are a little bit over friendly, this kid of mine. 

Speaking of ice cream, these are the ticket. 

If you haven't tried them already, you must. 
After you try them, come and report back to me on your findings. You won't be disappointed, and if you are feel free to drop them off at my house. 

April 7, 2014

Tommee Tippee Review and Give Away

I was sent the items in this post to review by Tommee Tippee

We have always used the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles and Nelly took to them like a duck to water so Tommee Tippee is a trusted brand in our house and I am more than happy to be reviewing these items and hosting a give away!

Now that the Nellstar is growing up, and rapidly might I add, it made sense to trial some new eating utensils, even if she does just eat with her hands like a wild animal.

As you can see, no photos are safe from Nelly who insisted on dragging my singlet around the house this day and it even made it's way in to the post.

When I first saw these I was worried that the fork would be sharp and that they would be on the heavy side, however there is zero sharpness and they are quite light so my worries were pointless.

Nelly has only just started to use cutlery in the past month, and that is just a spoon or fork. I usually pre load the spoon, hand it to her and then she feeds herself... Well, some gets in her mouth I guess.

I like that they look more like adult cutlery than anything else that we have as it bridges the gap between her watching us use cutlery and her rubber stuff.

This case is fantastic. It fits perfectly in a small pocket in my handbag and I now know that Nellys spoon has not come into contact with any of the 1000 germs that float around my bag.

I've been known to give her spoon a quick suck if there was nothing to wipe the cutlery with after pulling it out of my bag and I am happy to not do that any more. If cleaning your childs cutlery with your mouth after it's been floating around in your germ ridden bag isn't love, I don't know what is. 

This is the best.

The suction base did leave me scratching my head for a moment before I actually read the instructions and didn't just try and wing it like I usually do but once I read them it was easy to figure out.  

The bowl is a pretty decent size - bigger than the bowl that I normally use for her and the loop spoon that is included is perfect for Nelly, once she got her mitts on it she didn't let it go. 

The Husband went to pick up the bowl a few nights back and looked at me with a shocked expression on his face "It's stuck?!!?". Yes, it's stuck. Why do you think it is still on the high chair and not on the floor! 

When I chose this I forgot that Nelly would be giving up the formula now that she is one but I have used these in the past and they are great for carrying around the correct measure of formula and keeping it safe inside the bottle, saving space in your already bursting bag. 

"Mum. I have a new spoon. Hang on, why can't I throw this bowl at you? I don't understand. WHY IS IT STUCK? MUM? HELLO? WHY ARE YOU SITTING THERE LOOKING SMUG WHEN YOU COULD BE SITTING THERE WITH MY BOWL ON YOUR HEAD?." 

That's what she was thinking. I will act as translator for you. 

"MMM. Yes. I do quite enjoy baked snapper. My new bowl however will not move and this does not please me, I don't care what my mum says because I am the boss at meal times and if I want to throw it, then I will throw it."

If you are so inclined to watch Nelly eat yogurt with her new spoon and looking quite proud of herself, watch the following video:

I'm pretty proud of her, she's mastering the spoon like a boss.

Now, for the fun part - all of the Tommee Tippee items you see in this post (Nelly not included) are up for give away

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!
If you are commenting as anonymous please leave an email address or twitter username so that I can contact you.

As I will be using the random number generator, please only comment once. 

Terms & Conditions:
1. Competition only open to those with Australian postal addresses.
2. Competition will be drawn at 12PM on Monday 14 April 2014 using random number generator so this is a competition of luck. 

Good luck :)


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