March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Nelly!

It's hard to believe that I have a two year old. 

Why is this hard to believe though? This is how the world works, we age one day at a time and every year we grow older. Babies must grow up. They slowly lose their wrist and ankle fat rolls, and they grow leaner and stronger. 

They say that time flies when you're having fun and I definitely agree with that. Having Nelly is the most fun that I could possibly ask for.

Of course we have days where she is exhausting and demanding but they are greatly outnumbered by the fantastic days. I love being a mum to Nelly. 

Here is a brief run down of your life as a two year old, kiddo. 

Nelly. You are two. You are demanding and bossy. Your favourite word is 'more'. 
It's not said as a 'please mama, may I have some more?' though. It's more like "MORRREEEE!!!!" and you hold out your pudgy little hand, and lift your chin to the sky. Yep, definitely demanding and bossy. Just how I like my females.  

You love to rough house with Da. I don't know why you went from calling him daddy to da, but we will roll with it. 
The two of you run around the house, you get flung high into the sky, he terrorizes you with tickles and you don't know whether to cry or laugh hysterically. 

You can't really speak in sentences yet, but here is a list of words that you like to say:
Mama, Da, Baba, Deda, Nanna, Boof, Chester, Em, Joe, Cat, Roo, Molly, Bubba, Ney (Nelly), Cat, Dog, Fish, Boat, Car, Door, Plane, Ta, No, Oh Noooooo, More, Star, Peppa, Up above the, Row Row Row, Shoes, Show, Stick, Stomp, Puddle, Home, Pool, Bath, Hot, Hair, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Hat, Broom, Bubbles, Dig, Dip, Milk, Bottle, Eggs, There, Here, Yes, Knee, Shoo Fly, Balloon. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Strawberry, Delicious, Chocolate. 

I'm sure there are a million more but that's all I've got right now. 

You love to count as we go up or down the stairs. You love drawing faces. You are exceptionally good at matching numbers and recognising them. I clearly think you're a genius.

I'm surprised, but you still love it when I sing to you. We also dance a lot. 

You can run long distance, far better than I can. We run along the bike track for ages and ages until we are both red in the face and then I have to carry you home. 

You're a tall girl at the age of 2. People often think you are older and then go on to exclaim 'wow, she's tall isn't she??'. 
You still wont allow me to tie your hair up, and clips and bows last minutes before you scream and pull them out. At least you still let me choose your outfits though. I give it another few months. 

You love to run around with your cousins, Thomas and Henry. They enjoy activating 'Naughty Nelly' and egg you on to run crazy. They taught you to climb trees a few months back and now you can't go past that tree without hanging like Tarzan from it's branches. 

I can't really take you in to the shops anymore as it's Easter time and you go crazy for chocolate. I either give in and buy you an egg, or carry you out kicking and screaming.  

Here you are, fresh and wrinkly.

(For anyone wishing to read my blog post about Nellys birth, here you go. Click HERE)

and HERE is her 1st birthday post.

On New Years Eve 2014, you had your last breastfeed. I never thought that I would nurse you for so long, but I figured that you would let me know when you wanted to stop. You did.

The next day, January 1st 2015 - you pushed away and gave me a firm NO. 

You're currently obsessed with Bananas in Pyjamas and Peppa Pig. 

Last week we held a Peppa Pig themed birthday party for you. 

On your actual birthday, we had a toddler tantrum mishap and you were taken by ambulance to the hospital with a suspected fractured wrist.

When the ambulance got to our house, you were slumped on Nanna on the couch unable to move your right arm. We taunted you with a cupcake, knowing that if you could move to grab it, you would. 

The paramedics told us that they suspected you have a fractured wrist, and would have to wear a cast. I don't know why, but I burst into laughter at the thought. Everyone looked at me like I was a lunatic. I imagined you with a tiny cast covered in Peppa Pig stickers. Sorry about that, I wasn't being insensitive I just laugh at inappropriate times when stressed out. 

Thankfully, you had just dislocated your elbow and they were able to pop it into place after an x-ray gave you the all clear. 

No tiny cast for you! 

I spent a few hours making your Peppa Pig backdrop, and a week before your party you saw it in the garage and went insane. You screamed Peppa and banged on the door for ages before I managed to distract you for a short time. Every time somebody went into the garage you tried to run in and have a little look. 

You didn't really like these strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches which is a bit weird.

You do however love meat, cheese, corn, chips, chocolate, mashed potato and toast!

Nanna and I struggled with this cake for you. As you can see, it broke and we had to sugar-glue it back together. It came through in the end though, and I'm sad that I didn't get to see you eat a slice at your party as I know how much you love cake! 

We had a special guest attend your party, but unfortunately you were terrified of her after working up the courage to touch her, and then she tried to touch you!!. 

I don't think that you expected your friend from the TV to be quite so big in real life! 

This little Peppa was more to your liking! 

Everyone had a go at breaking the pinata at your party, however it was stronger than anticipated so after the little kids softened it up, we had to have a big boy break it! 

You loved that everyone sung you Happy Birthday, and then they sang Dad Happy Birthday too!

Last year you were a bit scared of the singing but this year you sang along.

I'm so glad that you're my daughter. It's hard to believe that I could ever love anyone else as much as I love you.

Recently, a friend who doesn't have children asked me to describe what it felt like to love your own child. It was really hard to answer, and the best way that I could describe it was like this:
"You know that feeling when you send somebody a text message bitching about somebody, but you accidentally send it to the person you are bitching about? Imagine that sinking gut feeling of dread, and replace the dread with love." She just looked at me like I was a weirdo. I probably am.
It's impossible to describe, but it's that feeling in your stomach however it't not bad, it's good.

That makes NO sense so maybe somebody else could try and describe it for me in the comments!!

March 26, 2015

Peppa Pig! Easter Fun.

Nelly received the items in this post for the purpose of this review. 

Last Friday we celebrated Nellys 2nd Birthday. I know, I can't believe that she is 2 either but I'll save the gushing for another post. 

Shortly after her nap, a courier arrived at the gate with a large package. 

We opened it up and there was an actual gasp of happiness from Nelly when she saw the Peppa Pig magic that was inside.

I've never heard so much "PEPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" in my life. She didn't know where to start. The goods just kept on coming! It was like a never ending box of Peppa Paraphernalia. 

I haven't been able to find links for everything that we received, but what I have found I will put below the photo in case you know a Peppa Pig mad kid. 

This face is pretty much her face the entire time that she was digging through the box. Excitement overload!

I love this Chambray/Stripe dress. It looks adorable on her, but what wouldn't. 

It's both stylish, and features a cute licensed character. Just putting it out there that not everything licensed is cute!! 


Nelly actually hung her new backpack up on her special feature wall, and I have not dared to move it. 

This bunting is definitely staying up past her party, it just adds to the festive feel of her playroom. 

Thank goodness. We definitely need more toy storage around here! This is a lightweight box, which assembled in 2 seconds.

Guess who is currently eating from paper plates? Yep. Nelly is.

I think that she must have seen her Baba covering food with napkins as now all she wants to do is cover food with napkins. 

Another story that I'll save for later, is that Nelly had a visit to hospital on her birthday and when Dad arrived shortly after the ambulance with her Peppa & Suzy box full of hair bows and magnets, she was a much happier girl.

Thank goodness the man thinks on his feet. My brain extended so far to packing the standard ambulance bag: nappies, wipes, bottle, water, snacks, jumper, socks and her comforter. No time for rummaging around for entertainment!

Peppa Pig Magnetic Create a Scene Fun Fair (Double sided) $9.99

I'm surprised that these have stayed off my fridge for so long!

If anything can convince the young lady that she is indeed a young lady, and should wear bows in her hair, hopefully it's Peppa Pig.

She doesn't wear undies yet, but that hasn't stopped her carrying them around and proudly showing them off.

Now I just need for The Husband to refer to them as undies, not jocks!

She was lucky enough to receive a lot of packs of stickers for her birthday, which have been put to good use in this sticker album - it doesn't even matter that they aren't Peppa themed. 

Thank you so much to Peppa Pig and her lovely PR team - this was a really great package for Nelly to receive on her Birthday! 


For anyone looking for some fun, free, Peppa Pig Printables - look no further. 

Simply print in colour, supervise the kids and have lots of fun with the bunting, Easter card, colouring sheet and Easter Hat. 


March 23, 2015

GIVE AWAY: Globber My Free 4 in 1 Scooter!

Nelly received a scooter for the purpose of this review and give away. 

Awhile ago, I chased after a lady on the bike track and breathlessly asked her where her son got her scooter, and how old was he?

She replied that it was a Globber and he was 3. I thought that perhaps I should wait until Nelly was 3 to ride a scooter, but with the Globber My Free 4 in 1 there is no need to wait. Yippee for the impatient people! 

It has the following modes which make it suitable from 12 months:-

- Use with seat and handle, so the parent can push the child from ages 12 months and up.
- Remove parent handle, it becomes a balance bike with seat. 
- Remove seat and fit the front handle for a traditional scooter.

Helmet: yes.
Stick: no. 

Ever since we last visited the farm, Nelly is obsessed with "stick stick" and loves banging it on the ground to ward of snakes, as taught by her Nanna....

It took Nelly a few goes to get the hang of scooter life. She wasn't quite sure about leaning in order to turn but eventually got the hang of it. The mastering of the brake is yet to come.

The Globber My Free 4 in 1 Scooter retails for AU$160. You can buy it HERE.

As you can see, originally she just wanted to stand on the board and dictate as to where she wanted to be pushed but I quickly put a stop to that. What a little madam! 

The scooter is very light weight, and I know this because I had to carry it all the way home when she abandoned it after our afternoon scoot last week.

Assembly of the Globber My Free 4 in 1 took less than 5 minutes, and that was with Nelly assisting by wielding an allen key in my face like a maniac.

I first assembled it with the seat and handle attachment but Nelly was not patient enough to sit and be pushed, she just wanted to scoot from the beginning.

Now for the fun part, your chance to WIN! 

To enter the giveaway:

- Simply leave one (1) comment on this post, I don't mind what it says! If commenting under anonymous please leave a twitter handle or email address so that I can contact you if you are the lucky winner. 
- The winner will be drawn using a random number generator (hence only leaving one comment).
-  The winner can select from either pink or dark blue.
- The scooter will be posted out directly from Globber. 
- The lucky winner will be drawn by 2PM on Monday 30 March 2015.  
- This prize is valued at AU$160.00

Visit the Globber Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for more great products. 

Good luck!!! 


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